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Sen. Manchin furious with Biden over climate law’s implementation: ‘This is bulls–t’ – Declares White House seeking to ‘starve’ Americans ‘out of energy’

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., is reportedly “livid” with how President Biden has begun implementing the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the major Democratic Party legislation that was signed into law only after the senator from West Virginia pledged to support it.

Even though Manchin pledged support for the bill after months of debate with party members and the president on proposed legislation, Politico reported Thursday he has been “raising hell” on Capitol Hill over how the Biden administration is rolling it out.

In a blistering statement, the lawmaker torched Democrats who view the act as a vehicle to fight climate change rather than an “energy securing measure.” He called their perspective “bulls***” and accused them of seeking to “starve” Americans “out of energy.”

Politico’s recent report opened by stating that “the West Virginia Democrat is livid about how his party’s president and his administration are rolling out a party-line bill that served as a crowning achievement for both men — and he’s particularly peeved at a delay in new guidelines on who gets the law’s generous electric vehicle tax credits.”

The piece explained that Manchin has introduced a bill to “halt the credits until Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen implements strict requirements for electric-vehicle battery sourcing,” as he has been seeking a way to use to the credits “to boost U.S.-manufactured rather than overseas-made vehicles.”

Politico reported on a recent interview with the lawmaker, who claimed that talks over the legislation with the administration have been contentious. He said, “I’ve been raising hell.”

Bashing how the administration wants to implement the act’s EV tax credits, Manchin claimed, “They almost act like they gotta send $7,500 or a person won’t buy a car. Which is crazy, ludicrous thinking for the federal government.”

He added, “I just totally and absolutely am disagreeing with what they’re doing.”