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Listen: Energy Expert Donn Dears explains the folly of ‘green’ energy on The Marc Morano Show

Donn Dears on The Marc Morano Show - 4 February 2023

On today’s show we discuss Donn Dear’s latest book Clean Energy Crisis: The Challenge of Replacing Fossil Fuels.

Clean Energy Crisis: The Challenge of Replacing Fossil Fuels

GUEST OVERVIEW: Donn Dears is a retired GE Company senior executive specializing in power generation, with extensive international experience. Donn Dears provides serious commentary on energy issues. The foundation for his articles and books is a lifetime of experience working in the energy industry, where he was an engineer and senior executive. Climate change is an energy issue, since it focuses on eliminating the use of fossil fuels that provide the least costly energy for people everywhere. Donn’s articles on climate change focus on the adverse effects of attempting to cut CO2 emissions. His books explain in detail why CO2 is not the primary cause of global warming, but also include a description of an alternative cause of warming, i.e., the Svensmark hypothesis, that has substantial scientific support.