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‘The Sexism of Climate Change’: ‘Women tend to bear the brunt of climate change’ – But ‘few women make decisions about climate change’

The Sexism of Climate Change

Women tend to bear the brunt of climate change effects. Globally, women often grow and process food in climates that are becoming more extreme, gather firewood in regions that are losing trees and collect water as droughts force them further away from their homes, subjecting them to more risk of gender-based violence during long journeys.

Despite their heightened vulnerability, few women make decisions about climate change on the world stage. Men make up more than 90 percent of the heads of governments and companies around the world.

That is why, for International Women’s Month this year, UN Women’s HeForShe Initiative is focused on gender equality and sustainability, particularly regarding climate change. The initiative, which started in 2015, is a movement that aims to empower men and boys to be advocates for gender equality.

“The top managers of the corporations that are responsible for emissions operate in … a highly competitive and power-oriented masculinity and are answerable to boards and shareholders who want to see a return on investment. Heads of government are operating in an environment with a clear objective of protecting the economic and political interests of their countries with regards to climate change,” wrote Edward Wageni, global head of the HeForShe Initiative in an editorial this month. “In the process they formulate policies that deepen gender inequalities and harm the environment further.”


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