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Euro court rules ‘climate action’ is a human right – ‘Climate inaction’ violated human rights

The European Court of Human Rights, in a landmark ruling that could have major implications across 48 European countries, rulng for the 2,000 members of Switzerland’s Senior Women for Climate Protection (average age: 74), the ECHR held the country’s “fail[ure] to comply with its duties” to meet its emissions reductions targets and otherwise protect its citizens from the ravages of the climate crisis. The ruling, which cannot be appealed, is legally binding on all 46 member states of the Council of Europe.

‘The climate crisis is real’: U.S. Senate candidate goes viral for blaming NY earthquake on climate change, deletes post By Gabriel Hays Fox News Green Party member U.S. Senate candidate for New Jersey Christina Amira Khalil went viral after posting a theory to social media that the earthquake that rocked New York and New Jersey on Friday was caused by climate change. Prominent social media users mocked the post, which also received an X “Community Note” fact […]

Now they’re coming for your pants! Wearing BLUE JEANS creates huge carbon footprint: Study reveals wearing a pair just once is the equivalent to driving a car for 6.4 miles

Researchers say that jeans sold for the fast fashion market produce 11 times more C02 per wear than traditional alternatives

UK Daily Mail – April 5, 2024: Scientists from the Guangdong University of Technology analysed the life cycle of a pair of Levi’s jeans from growing the cotton to their eventual disposal. They found that some jeans were worn only seven times – earning them the classifiation of ‘fast fashion’ – and produced 11 times more CO2 than jeans wore more often. … The total carbon footprint, 48 per cent is caused by the washing, drying and ironing of jeans after purchase. … the production of the jeans and fibre, making up 70 per cent of the total emissions. The remaining emissions are largely created by the transportation of the jeans from factories to consumers, making up 21 per cent of total emissions. … 

Dr Ya Zhou, the study’s lead author says:’The humble wardrobe staple – a pair of jeans – has a significant impact on the environment.’ – ‘By second-hand trading, people can sell the unlike or unused clothes and make a profit.  ‘In China, the growing focus on environmental protection and sustainability among Chinese millennials and Generation Z is driving the growth of the second-hand trade industry.’


Washington Post – How to find the best, most sustainable jeans for your wardrobe – March 8, 2024: “Your jeans also add to the environmental footprint of the apparel industry, which is responsible for somewhere between 8 and 10 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and about 4 percent of solid waste in the United States alone. A slew of companies are redesigning jeans to lower their footprint, and a few of these models are now available in stores.”

Now they are coming for your — HAIR?! Wash Post touts ‘recycling human hair…into clothes’ as a ‘climate solution’ – ‘Weaving with human hair…keeps hair out of landfills & incinerators, where it would release greenhouse gases’

2019 report on a ‘1.5C World’: ‘Reduce number of clothing’ to ‘3 new clothing items per person per year’ by 2030 ‘to avoid climate breakdown’ – Affiliated with WEF, Michael Bloomberg, Soros, Google, FED EX & IKEA

UK Independent: ‘Climate change is hitting vulnerable Indonesian trans sex workers’ – Media claims ‘extreme weather linked to climate change’ is affecting transgender prostitutes’ ‘income’

UK Independent via Reuters – April 3, 2024: Joya Patiha, a 43-year-old Indonesian transgender woman, first started to notice that changing weather patterns in the mountain-ringed city of Bandung were affecting her income as a sex worker a decade ago. The rainy season was lasting longer across the West Java province, winds were stronger and in some particularly bad years Patiha lost up to 80% of her earnings. Trans women like Patiha are among the most affected by extreme weather linked to climate change, as well as suffering disproportionately when disasters strike. “No one is coming out during the longer rainy season,” said Patiha. “It is very hard to make money during that unpredictable weather.” … 

Indonesia is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and trans women, who tend to face more stigma and marginalisation than trans men or other LGBTQ+ Indonesians, are also among those hardest hit by extreme weather. … 

Arif Budi Darmawan, a researcher at the Bandung-based Resilience Development Initiative said: “Climate change makes the vulnerable even more vulnerable.” … The group’s coordinator Rikky, who asked that his first name only be used, said unpredictable weather also led to “illness, debt, stress, conflicts with local residents, and heightened levels of violence”.

Australians are facing a new ‘climate criminal’ — DIRT! Soil’s CO2 emissions are ‘threatening to ruin the country’s net zero goals’

Australians are facing a new “climate criminal” – soil BY RHODA WILSON A study published in the Nature Portfolio Journal warns that Australia’s soil is becoming a net carbon emitter and threatens to ruin the country’s net zero goals. “They claim that over the next 80 years, Australian soil … will release up to 100 megatons of CO2 into […]

UN Climate Advisor & Time Mag’s ‘Woman Of The Year’ declares ‘the climate crisis’ is ‘not just manmade, it’s white manmade’ – ‘A result of capitalism, years of colonialism, years of racial oppression’

Ayisha Siddiqa (@ayisha_sid) • Instagram photos and videos

UN climate advisor Ayisha Siddiqa (also Time Mag’s 2023 Woman of the Year): “The climate crisis is manmade. And it’s not just manmade, it’s white manmade. (applause) It is a result of capitalism, years of colonialism, years of racial oppression. And so if you want to get involved, the way that we save our planet is when we protect the most vulnerable communities among us. And this includes black trans women. This includes indigenous people. This is why it includes children and young people, because when we protect them, we can protect everybody else.”

BBC Goes Climate Banana Crazy Warning of Banana production to drop despite banana output having doubled over the last 20 years

Matt McGrath of the BBC Goes Climate Banana Crazy Editor’s Note: This guest post from The Daily Sceptic’s Chris Morrison, debunks a story carried by the BBC that banana production is being diminished, leading to shortages and higher prices, due to climate change. Climate Realism has repeatedly refuted claims that climate change is harming crop production. Although bananas have only been addressed in […]

Wrong, Daily Mail, Climate Change Isn’t Causing a Chocolate Easter Egg Crisis

Wrong, Daily Mail, Climate Change Isn’t Causing a Chocolate Easter Egg Crisis By H. Sterling Burnett The Daily Mail posted an alarming Easter themed story saying climate change has caused the price of chocolate Easter eggs to increase. This is false. Chocolate Easter eggs and other chocolate candies have seen prices increase; however, data prove it isn’t […]

Baltimore Sun features an academic warning that climate change must be factored into rebuilding Key Bridge: ‘How does this bridge withstand climate change?’ How long will it take to rebuild the Key Bridge following its collapse? Excerpt: Natalie M. Scala, an associate professor at Towson University who directs the graduate program in supply chain management, said any “prudent bridge discussion” should include thinking about how the world will change over the next century, especially concerning how sea […]