New Study: People Distressed, Anxious About Climate Have Less ‘Climate-Specific Knowledge’ By Kenneth Richard “The degree of one’s emotions varies inversely with one’s knowledge of the facts, the less you know the hotter you get.” – Bertrand Russell Per a new study, people who are less knowledgeable about the climate and environment are more likely to experience climate change anxiety (e.g., “I find myself crying because of […]

NASA’s running a mental ward?! Kimberley Miner: ‘I’m a NASA climate scientist. Here’s how I’m handling climate grief’ – ‘I already have five scientist friends with severe, emergent health challenges’

NASA climate scientist Kimberly Miner of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory & University of Maine: “I am in my mid-thirties, working at NASA as a scientist, and I already have five scientist friends with severe, emergent health challenges. They are all affected by overwork, exhaustion and extreme stress.”

“The best treatment for climate grief, he says, is knowing you’ve made a contribution to reducing emissions or building resilience.”

Miner advocates political activism on climate: “It is now time for action. We must act for future generations of all species and to honor the people who came before.​I support a platform of direct action, outreach to political bodies, and elevating repressed voices.  Now is the time to listen to the Earth, to truly see and understand its changes.” Here she is talking to children about climate.

NASA has issues: Dumpster Diving NASA Scientist Peter Kalmus: ‘Biden must declare a climate emergency’ – Admits he has ‘bottomless grief’ because ‘we are losing Earth’ & seeks to ‘end’ fossil fuels

2020: NASA scientist Dr. Kate Marvel links ‘climate change’ to ‘white supremacy’ – ‘We’ll never head off climate catastrophe without dismantling white supremacy’ – Calls for climate & racial ‘justice’

Dumpster Diving NASA Scientist Peter Kalmus: ‘Biden must declare a climate emergency’ – Admits he has ‘bottomless grief’ because ‘we are losing Earth’ & seeks to ‘end’ fossil fuels By Peter Kalmus Excerpts: I’m terrified by what’s being done to our planet. … I’ve dreaded this depth of Earth breakdown for almost two decades, and, like many of my colleagues, I’ve been trying to warn you. As hard as I could. Now it’s here. … I only feel fury at those in power, and bottomless grief for […]

VP Kamala Harris urges youth organizing to fight ‘climate anxiety’ – ‘You have endured a mental & emotional toll of this crisis’ By SETH KLAMANN Linking the climate crisis to youth-driven political movements of the past, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at a Denver high school Friday and urged students to organize and fight to change the hotter, dryer world they’re inheriting. “You have endured a mental and emotional toll of this crisis,” she said at Denver’s […]

Climate journalists confess to needing ‘psychological counseling’ similar to investigators of human trafficking, rape, abuse The Sooking Simpletons of Climate Coverage By Tony Thomas Climate journalists are confessing they need psychological counseling: reporting on the climate’s supposed death-spiral is damaging their mental stability. As one Stanford academic puts it, “This is quite similar to what happens with investigators of international crimes, human trafficking, rape, abuse and people who’ve been tortured. […]

Belgian man dies by suicide following long chats about climate change with AI bot By Mehul Reuben Das A young Belgian man recently died by suicide after talking to a chatbot called ELIZA for several weeks, prompting demands for greater citizen security and increased consciousness. “My husband would still be here if it hadn’t been for these conversations with the chatbot,” the man’s wife told La Libre. Her […]

‘Ecogrief’ – Interior Dept workshops help federal employees cope with ‘ecological grief’ A world of hurt: Workshops aim to help federal employees cope with ‘ecogrief’ By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times The Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service is offering “ecogrief” training to employees who are struggling with a sense of trauma or loss as they witness a changing environment. The class will give staffers a […]

Psychological study on climate skeptics: ‘Contrary to our predictions, people with high analytical abilities were even more likely to be skeptical,’ study authors explained September 18, 2022 By Sean Adl-Tabatabai Australia To Treat Climate Change Denial as a ‘Mental Disorder’ People who question man-made climate change in Australia are now considered to be ‘mentally ill’, a team of psychological researchers have declared. Researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast looked to explain why so many people continue […]

Al Gore tells NYT: ‘Fossil fuels pose a significant & ongoing threat to democracy’ – Warns of ‘a sense of climate despair’   By Lauren Jackson July 1, 2022 This week, in one of the most important environmental rulings ever, the Supreme Court made it more difficult for America to meet its climate goals. Yesterday’s decision limits the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate carbon emissions from power plants — which, as we covered on The Daily, is […]