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White House Brochures on Climate – There is no climate crisis – Federal climate scientists release studies challenging climate ‘consensus’

Update: At the White House, the Purge of Skeptics Has Started

by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Late last year, several of us were asked by David Legates (White House Office of Science and Technology Policy) to write short, easily understandable brochures that supported the general view that there is no climate crisis or climate emergency, and pointing out the widespread misinformation being promoted by alarmists through the media.

Below are the resulting 9 brochures, and an introduction by David. Mine is entitled, “The Faith-Based Nature of Human Caused Global Warming”.

David hopes to be able to get these posted on the White House website by January 20 (I presume so they will become a part of the outgoing Administration’s record) but there is no guarantee given recent events.

He said we are free to disseminate them widely. I list them in no particular order. We all thank David for taking on a difficult job in more hostile territory that you might imagine.

Introduction (Dr. David Legates) – Federal government climatologist Dr. David Legates: “These flyers have been written by top scientists from leading institutions from around North America. The Office of Science and Technology Policy is pleased to bring you these briefs to further your understanding of climate change by learning from these learned scholars.”

The Sun Climate Connection(Drs. Michael Connolly, Ronan Connolly, Willie Soon)

Systematic Problems in the Four National Assessments of Climate Change Impacts on the US(Dr. Patrick Michaels)

Record Temperatures in the United States(Dr. John Christy)

Radiation Transfer(Dr. William Happer)

Is There a Climate Emergency(Dr. Ross McKitrick)

Hurricanes and Climate Change(Dr. Ryan Maue)

Climate, Climate Change, and the General Circulation(Dr. Anthony Lupo)

Can Computer Models Predict Climate(Dr. Christopher Essex)

The Faith-Based Nature of Human-Caused Global Warming(Dr. Roy Spencer)

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Click to access The-Sun-Climate-Connection.pdf


Click to access Systematic-Problems-in-the-Four-National-Assessments-of-Climate-Change-Impacts-on-the-US.pdf


Click to access Record-Temperatures-in-the-United-States.pdf


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Click to access Is-There-a-Climate-Emergency.pdf


Click to access Hurricanes-and-Climate-Change.pdf


Click to access Climate-Climate-Change-and-the-General-Circulation.pdf


Click to access Can-Computer-Models-Predict-Climate.pdf


Click to access The-Faith-Based-Nature-of-Human-Caused-Global-Warming.pdf


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