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‘You are a murderer!’ – ‘You are an evil fat man!’ Listen: Nasty voicemails greet NOAA’s new skeptical climate scientist Dr. David Legates

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White House recruited climate critics for NOAA – ‘White House has been quietly working in recent weeks to reshape the leadership of NOAA with a goal of criticizing climate science’

Critic of dire climate predictions Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue may become NOAA chief scientist

A Fact-Based Rebuttal To NPR’s Attack Of Climatologist David Legates


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A sampling of Hate Mail send to Morano of Climate Depot: 

‘F*CK YOU! DROP DEAD MOTHERF*CKER!!’ Morano receives threat after Congressional testimony – ‘May you die by [your children’s] hand!’ – WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

Watch: Dr. Will Happer shares his hatemail: ‘You are a f@cking uneducated Nazi. I hope you hang by the neck until you are dead’

Climate Depot’s Morano receives threatening email: ‘You and your children should be burned in public’

UK Daily Mail reporter David Rose faces threats and intimidation after writing articles challenging the global warming narrative

‘Top climate scientists receive death threats’: ‘Have also been subjected to intimidating e-mails along with threats against their families’

Flashback 2009: Warmest Eli Rabett (AKA Joshua Halpern of Howard U.) revels in thought of a dead Morano: ‘If Marc Morano were dead he’d be whirling in his grave’

Hate Mail Sent to Climate Depot’s Morano: ‘I will have a nice long drive up to DC and have a very short and unpleasant conversation with your ass if you dont stop harrassing scientists’

Will Media Report this?! Hate mail goes both ways: Here’s an example that received: ‘I hope they hang you and the rest of the stooges for the fossil fuel industry’