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Read: Bonus chapter: Intimidating the ‘Deniers’ to Enforce the ‘Consensus’ – Climate ‘deniers’ threatened with being ‘thrown in jail’ – ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change’

Full bonus chapter not included in the book available here:

Marc Morano of Climate Depot has given me exclusive publication of this special chapter, that is not included in the book. It details all of the comparisons to Holocaust deniers and RICO and death threats, etc. against climate skeptics. He writes:

I think it is one of my favorite chapters, but the book was too long to include it.


The Earth does not have a fever. Scientific evidence simply doesn’t support the belief that man-made climate change is a catastrophic threat to the planet. And unreliable climate models are poor substitutes for actual data.

Then why don’t more scientists buck the “consensus”? The answer is simple. Anyone who questions the climate change scare is attacked and threatened. As more and more scientists speak out, dissenting from the climate change orthodoxy, the attacks against them have increased.

Climate campaigners seem to think: If you can’t counter the message, silence the messenger. From smears to intimidation to name-calling to lawsuits and threats of criminal prosecution, climate activists are leaving no stone unturned. Activists—and “reporters” for theoretically objective media outlets— have targeted skeptical scientists.

Many climate activists find the idea of jailing skeptics appealing. In 2014, the warmist Gawker website urged, “Arrest Climate-Change Deniers”; said “Those denialists should face jail”; called global warming skeptics “Criminally negligent”; and argued, “It’s time to punish the climate-change liars.”

Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki called for government leaders skeptical of global warming to be “thrown in jail”: “I really believe that people like the former prime minister of Canada should be thrown in jail for wilful blindness,” Suzuki said in 2016. In 2017, climate activist John Gilkison at EV World accused me of “crimes against humanity” for “retarding any meaning action to mitigate climate change.” A list of those who dissented on man-made climate change, including my old boss Senator James Inhofe, were slated for a 2029 “trial.”

One climate activist predicted that skeptics will be lynched. “As climate impacts continue to become clearer to the general populace, fossil fuel executives, and climate misinformers who have played a part in this catastrophe, may some time soon prefer a safe jail cell to the torches and pitchforks that are coming their way,” wrote Peter Sinclair of the climate fear–promoting website Climate Denial Crock of the Week.

On June 5, 2009, former Clinton administration official Joe Romm of Climate Progress defended a posting on his website warning that climate skeptics would be strangled in bed for rejecting the view that we face a man-made climate crisis. “An entire generation will soon be ready to strangle you and your kind while you sleep in your beds,” he warned.

You can read the entire chapter here, free: Morano-PIG-Climate-Change-Bonus-Chapter (PDF)

The book has now climbed to #80 on Amazon as of this writing, maybe it will climb higher.

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