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Utah sees record cold of -43.6 ºF – ‘Perhaps the lowest October temperature ever recorded’ in continental U.S.

   **A spooky forecast for Halloween Night…downpours, strong-to-severe thunderstorms, howling winds with gusts to 50 mph…widespread freeze on Sunday night** By Meteorologist Paul Dorian – October 30, 2019 Deep upper-level low over the eastern Great Lakes will take on a “negative-tilted” trough axis leading to the formation of a squall line; courtesy NOAA, […]

Climate Crazies Now Say Netflix Causes Climate Change by Jeff Dunetz Netflix makes me laugh…literally. Their comedy specials are wonderful. Just in the past few months, they’ve featured comedy from some of my favorites such as Gabriel Iglesias and Jeff Dunham. Apparently, the supporters of the climate change hypothesis are jealous of the streaming service because they released something almost as funny […]

Europe’s Carmakers Facing Climate Policy Disaster – Demand Government Subsidies To Save Them

Europe’s Carmakers Facing Disaster, Demand Government Subsidies To Save Them Neil Winton, Forbes, 29 October 2019 Europe’s carmakers, spooked by the imminent mortal threat to profits from European Union (EU) regulations to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, called for governments to raise subsidies on electric car purchases to stimulate sales. The European Auto Manufacturers Association, […]

Chile Cancels UN Climate Summit Amid Energy Cost Revolt GWPF Newsletter 30/10/19 Chile Cancels UN Climate Summit Amid Energy Cost Revolt 1) Chile Cancels Annual Talk-Fest For Climate Activists BBC News, 30 October 2019 2) 1000 Doomsday Academics Demand Career Breaks So They Can ‘Save The Planet From Climate Change’ The Daily Telegraph, 30 October 2019 3) Warmist Waffle, The Albatross Round Attenborough’s […]

BREAKING: Chilean unrest cancels COP 25, the UN climate conference! — Irony Alert: Climate policy caused energy price riots caused Chile to call of UN summit By Craig Rucker |October 30th, 2019|General Information|1 Comment Chilean President Sebastian Pinera just announced that his country is cancelling COP 25, the UN climate conference that was scheduled to take place in Santiago December 2 -13. Chile also canceled APEC, the Asia Pacific Economic Conference that was to open November 16th and at which […]

Californians struggle after latest blackout hits 1.5 million SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) — Californians on Wednesday found themselves facing winds, wildfires and darkness from yet another power outage that hit more than 1 million people. Full Coverage: Wildfires Frustration and anger mounted across Northern California as Pacific Gas & Electric Co., the state’s largest utility, began the third round of sweeping blackouts in […]