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BREAKING: Chilean unrest cancels COP 25, the UN climate conference! — Irony Alert: Climate policy caused energy price riots caused Chile to call of UN summit

By Craig Rucker |October 30th, 2019|General Information|1 Comment

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera just announced that his country is cancelling COP 25, the UN climate conference that was scheduled to take place in Santiago December 2 -13.

Chile also canceled APEC, the Asia Pacific Economic Conference that was to open November 16th and at which President Trump had hoped to sign a major accord with China.

The shocking cancellations come as Chile has been rocked by violent protests.  It appears that Chile can no longer ensure the safety of international diplomats.

The UN COP, or conference of the parties, is the UN’s most important climate summit each year.  CFACT as a UN recognized observer organization was planning to once again send a delegation.

The cancellation of the UN climate conference is massively ironic as the riots in Chile were sparked by plans to hike public transit prices to keep up with higher energy costs from, as you’ve likely guessed, “green” energy.  Chile has been bragging about plans to source most of the power for its subway system from wind and solar. It was to be the perfect climate talking point — until reality intruded. The inefficient, intermittent nature of so-called “renewables” increases prices wherever they are used.

The refusal of Chilean citizens to tolerate with Green energy price hikes have been compared to the “Yellow Vest” protests in France.

Chile has rolled back the Metro fare hikes, yet the protests have gone on.  Up to a million protesters took to the streets of Santiago last week.  They tried to force entry into the Chilean Congress forcing legislators to flee as riot police covered their escape with tear gas.

There is no word yet on UN plans to delay / move the conference.  With just a month until the conference was scheduled to begin, rescheduling will be very difficult logistically.

Chile is South America’s greatest economic success story. However, like other countries in the region, it still has its struggles.

Forcing people to tighten their belts to pay for inefficient “Green” energy may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Statement by UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa

Earlier today, I was informed of the decision by the Government of Chile not to host COP25 in view of the difficult situation that the country is undergoing. We are currently exploring alternative hosting options.