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Kids climate protest on a mission to save the Earth from — from Donald Trump

President Donald Trump appears to be the target of many of the kids skipping school today to protest government inaction on “global warming.”

In Canterbury, England, the protesting climate kids held a sign that read: “Climate Change kills our planet profit” with a stick figure of President Trump.

The kids are following the lead of ideological climate activists like Michael Mann who wrote in Newsweek on March 13, 2019, “DONALD TRUMP’S CLIMATE DENIAL GETS MORE RIDICULOUS BY THE DAY.” See: ‘Massively incorrect’: Point-by-point rebuttal to Michael Mann’s Newsweek smear of Trump, Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Moore & Princeton’s Dr. Happer

Mann, had warned in 2016 that Trump is a “threat to the planet” and “the future of this planet could quite literally lie in the balance.”

Background on kids school strikes:

Student motivated to skip school by ‘pure fear’ – Students around the world begin school walkout to ‘protest at their governments’ failure to take sufficient action against global warming’

Rise of youth climate activism fuels alarm over exploitation – ‘Kids have been indoctrinated in climate doomsday nonsense since kindergarten’ – Wash Times: Climate Depot’s Marc Morano said the emails show that “climate activists have long planned on using schoolkids to agitate for their fear campaign and regulatory ‘solutions.’” … “These kids have been indoctrinated in climate doomsday nonsense since kindergarten, and now they are being encouraged to skip school so that the federal government can ‘solve’ climate change,” Mr. Morano said in an email.Mr. Morano criticized the national exposure. He said “the children should be kept out of the media as much as possible to limit their exploitation by the environmental left. Sadly, the media, led by ‘60 Minutes,’ instead chooses to promote their manipulation in glowing segments.”

Al Gore-led group encourages students to ditch school for climate strike – “They’ve had enough. And no wonder – it’s their future on the line. So if adults aren’t going to act on their own, young people will make them,” said Climate Reality Project in a statement…

NEW RECORDS EXPOSE CHILDREN’S MARCHES AS LONG-PLANNED COMPONENT OF CLIMATE LITIGATION CAMPAIGN -Newly obtained public records reveal that the recruitment of young children for strikes and demonstrations are a long-planned component of the climate industry’s litigation campaign

Report: Climate School Striking Teen Greta Thunberg is a ‘PR puppet of Swedish consultant’-“Swiss magazine Weltwoche published a widely shared article entitled “We’re Making a Climate Icon“. The article claims that “their success is largely down to the Swedish PR expert Ingmar Rentzhog, who has good contacts in several propaganda organizations”. As evidence, Weltwoche reveals that shortly after Greta began her school strikes, her mother, a well-known opera singer, published a book. On the day of the book’s release, PR man Rentzhog published a picture of Greta on [school] strike on Instagram and published an article about her on Facebook. This triggered a “chain reaction” in the media.”

Kids in USA set for nationwide climate strike from school – ‘Adults won’t take climate change seriously. So we, the youth, are forced to strike’

Keep kids out of the climate debate – ‘School children are being needlessly frightened about the future’