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NOAA/NASA use only land-based temps to claim 2015 hottest year ever

Using data from heavily adjusted land-based temperature readings, NOAA and NASA declared yesterday 2015 to be the ‘hottest year ever,’ even though they’ve excluded the satellite record, and worse, ocean temperatures. That’s important because “70 percent of the Earth is oceans,” and “we can’t measure those temperatures very well,” saysMIT’s Dr. Richard Lindzen. “The ocean […]

Sick: Warmist Scientist William Connolley Cheers Death of Climate Skeptic Dr. Bob Carter as an ‘advancement in science’ – Gloats: ‘Science Advances One Funeral At A Time’

Warmist William Connolley: ‘Today brings us news of another such advancement in science, with the reported death of Robert Carter.”   Gren party member William Connolley, is a former climate modeller with the British Antarctic Survey and blogger with warmist website  (See Climate Depot’s tribute to geologist Dr. Bob Carter here. RIP: Aussie Geologist Dr. Robert […]

Extreme Weather Expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: Despite claims of ‘warmest ever’ – 2015 ‘had the lowest catastrophe losses in a generation’

Via Washington Times: Roger Pielke Jr., environmental studies professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, said that there were fewer extreme weather events despite the warm temperatures. Climate-change groups have argued that global warming contribute to hurricanes and other weather-related disasters. “It’d be great if just one journalist (any!) would note that 2015 — warmest […]

Top MIT Scientist Mocks Claim That 2015 Was The Hottest Year On Record

Dr. Richard Lindzen is anything but convinced by headlines claiming 2015 is the warmest year on record. He says what’s most important is that climate models have been over-predicting warming for more than 40 years. “Frankly, I feel it is proof of dishonesty to argue about things like small fluctuations in temperature or the sign of […]

Failed Math: In 1997, NOAA claimed that the Earth was 3.83 degrees warmer than today

Yesterday, to much media fanfare, wailing, and gnashing of teeth NOAA pronounced that 2015 was the hottest year on record, ever! There’s only one problem with that…the Internet never forgets. Back in 1997 after the super El Nino made global temperatures soar, NOAA/NCDC produced this report: Source: (h/t to Tom Nelson) Archived here: In that 1997 report, […]