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Sick: Warmist Scientist William Connolley Cheers Death of Climate Skeptic Dr. Bob Carter as an ‘advancement in science’ – Gloats: ‘Science Advances One Funeral At A Time’

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Warmist William Connolley: ‘Today brings us news of another such advancement in science, with the reported death of Robert Carter.”


Gren party member William Connolley, is a former climate modeller with the British Antarctic Survey and blogger with warmist website

(See Climate Depot’s tribute to geologist Dr. Bob Carter here. RIP: Aussie Geologist Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Carter – Died at 74 Years of Age – A True Champion of Science!)

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano’s Response to Connolley: ‘You are a pathetic individual who relishes in a scientific colleague’s death in this way. You owe the family of Bob Carter an apology and an apology to the public.’

Climate Audit’s Stephen McIntyre called Connolley’s remarks “sheer mean mindedness.”

Background on Green Party member William Connolley: 

The Truth about – July 6, 2009: ‘Their resident propagandist William Connolley’s job is to edit dissent and smear skeptical scientists on Wikipedia. In the world of global warming alarmist “science” pretending you win is apparently all that matters because in real debates they lose. The truth is that is an environmentalist shill site directly connected to an eco-activist group, Environmental Media Services and Al Gore but they don’t want you to know that.’

Who pays Wikipedia’s William M. Connolley? ‘Granddaddy of green, James Lovelock, warms to eco-skeptics’