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NOAA/NASA use only land-based temps to claim 2015 hottest year ever

Using data from heavily adjusted land-based temperature readings, NOAA and NASA declared yesterday 2015 to be the ‘hottest year ever,’ even though they’ve excluded the satellite record, and worse, ocean temperatures. That’s important because “70 percent of the Earth is oceans,” and “we can’t measure those temperatures very well,” saysMIT’s Dr. Richard Lindzen. “The ocean temps can also be “off a half a degree, a quarter of a degree. Even two-10ths of a degree of change would be tiny but two-100ths is ludicrous.”

As for 2015? The satellite record shows it as being only the third or fourth warmest since satellite tracking began in 1978. The satellite data, which is compiled and maintained by the University of Alabama/Huntsville, found “2015 to be third warmest on record, and Remote Sensing Systems satellite data ranked 2015 as the fourth warmest in the nearly four-decade-old satellite record.”

Satellites measure the Earth’s temperatures from five miles up and NASA recommended they be adopted as the best way to monitor global temperature changes because they are not prone to adjustments, human error and bias, poorly situated sites, and more. Satellites show far less warming than the land-based temperature record, and as such, activists (including NOAA and NASA scientists!) have launched a new campaign on YouTube to discredit their readings.