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‘Landification’ – or ‘land emergence’: Even with sea level rise, around the world coastal land area has increased 13,000 square miles or about size of Belgium!

Kip Hansen: “Land emergence”  — or the gaining of dry land…Compare these two versions:  Google Translate version of the Japanese page with the English version provided by the publisher.


Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: “If sea level rise is ongoing and inexorable, then all else equal, the areal extent of global land areas should be shrinking, especially in low-lying continental areas and among tropical islands…However, from 1985 to 2015 — a period when global sea levels increased by about 60 millimeters (about 2.4 inches) — the areal extent of global coastal land increased by almost 34,000 square kilometers (about 13k square miles), or about the size of Belgium home to more than 11 million people.”

The literature on landification is in strong consensus that global land areas, even along coasts, are generally increasing in areal extent. For example, Mao et al. 2021 looked at global shorelines and found that instead of retreating on a global scale they are generally expanding:

At almost all latitudes and longitudes landification is winning out over erosion and SLR. Figure 9 from Mao et al. 2021.

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