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WaPo & Amazon founder Jeff Bezos buys $90 million mansion on a MAN-MADE barrier island in Florida despite his paper constantly hyping climate sea level rise

Does Jeff Bezos believe his own paper? His actions suggest not.

Look at this:

From the article:

“…Bezos, the world’s second-richest person worth $203.7 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, announced in November that he was moving to Miami from the Seattle region. He shelled out $147 million for two mansions in Indian Creek, a man-made barrier island that’s so renowned for its wealth that it’s dubbed “Billionaire Bunker.” Other residents include Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, Tom Brady and Carl Icahn…”

Now, why would the owner of the Washington Post buy a mansion on a MAN-MADE barrier island when his paper is constantly exaggerating sea level rise?

I do not know how the others feel about climate change, but why would he do this? Does he read his paper?

My message to Jeff Bezos is this: You don’t need climate change to understand what can happen here.  Look at the 1940s:


I also see you paid no attention to the hurricane forecast issued in December (No surprise. I am about as popular as Covid with the WAPO).


So why would someone who owns one of the major meteo-media outlets that weaponizes weather in the phony climate war  buy a house on a MAN-MADE  barrier island? Is he aware of what had happened before this phony climate agenda started? Did his employees reach out and say, hey, this could be risky? Does he know that the setup this year means a well-above-normal threat?  And isn’t a MAN-MADE barrier island thumbing a nose at nature?  That island is not even supposed to be there. What makes you think it should stay there and that nature is not going to take it back?

I can see Ivanka Trump, given that she is related to someone who thinks this is not a big deal. But similar to Obama at Martha’s Vineyard in a place that is a sitting duck for a southern storm surge, or Hunter Biden doing business with major fossil fuel interests abroad, the actions of these people defy what they are saying.

Of course, if what is just a matter of time happens, a major hurricane comes in and rearranges a lot of this, I am sure his paper will blame climate change. That is what propaganda outlets on climate do whenever anything happens, even if it should be intuitive that it has to happen sometime.

He can do what he wants with his money, that is fine. But it’s obvious he does not believe his own paper given their stance on this. Like I said, you don’t need climate change to be aware of the threat. Look at the 1940s. And, of course, if I am right, we know it will be blamed.