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Study: Sea level rise due to land subsidence caused by groundwater extraction — NOT global warming By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander Rising sea levels are all too often blamed on climate change by activists and the media. But a recent research study has revealed that, while much of sea level rise in coastal cities is indeed due to human activity, the culprit is land subsidence caused by groundwater extraction, […]

‘Borderline Impossible’: Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry Tackles Sea Level Rise Alarmism – ‘We should not be basing our policies based on the assumption that the climate will actually evolve as per predicted’

‘Borderline Impossible’: Noted Scientist Tackles Sea Level Rise Alarmism by Michael Bastasch When it comes to alarming projections of global warming-induced sea level rise, veteran climate scientist Judith Curry says people need to cool it. “Projections of extreme, alarming impacts are very weakly justified to borderline impossible,” Curry told The Daily Caller News Foundation. […]

Scientists say ‘only a few millimetres sea level rise’ if Antarctic ice shelf collapses Collapse of Larsen C would add up to 2.5 mm to sea level by 2100 From the EUROPEAN GEOSCIENCES UNION New study puts a figure on sea-level rise following Antarctic ice shelves’ collapse An international team of scientists has shown how much sea level would rise if Larsen C and George VI, two Antarctic ice […]

Climate change creates free real estate in Tuvalu: “climate refugees” can all go home

Climate change creates free real estate in Tuvalu: “climate refugees” can all go home By Jo Nova The Green Blob is going to have to get rid of satellites. Real data is so inconvenient. For years many people called scientists have assumed, like any smart 5 year old would, that islands are fixed blobs […]

Physicist Steven Koonin: ‘A Deceptive New Report on Climate’

Via: A Deceptive New Report on Climate True, the U.S. has had more heat waves in recent years—but no more than a century ago. By Steven E. Koonin Mr. Koonin was undersecretary of energy for science during President Obama’s first term and is director of the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York […]

‘Staggering’ Ice Melt ‘Deceptions’: Greenland’s Ice Sheet Melt Has Added Just 0.39 Of A Centimeter To Global Sea Levels Since 1993

By Kenneth Richard on 7. August 2017 Exposing ‘Staggering’ Ice Sheet Melt Deceptions In recent months, two new papers published in The Cryosphere have provided a condensed summary of the ice-melt and sea-level-rise consequences of global warming for the Arctic region. 1.  Between 1900 and 2010, the Greenland Ice Sheet (GIS) has melted so extensively and so rapidly that the […]

Here we go again: Satellite sea level data ‘adjusted’ to show acceleration – ‘Climate Mafia At Work On Sea Level’

Posted on July 22, 2017 by tonyheller One week after they forced Carl Mears into compliance over satellite temperatures, the climate mafia has forced the University of Colorado into compliance over satellite sea level measurements. The numbers didn’t add up. Even as Earth grew warmer and glaciers and ice sheets thawed, decades of satellite data seemed to show that the […]