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No global warming in 8 years & 9 months – The New Pause lengthens to 8 years 9 months By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The New Pause has lengthened to 8 years 9 months. The least-squares linear-regression trend on the UAH monthly satellite global-temperature dataset shows no global warming from July 2015 to March 2023. As usual, this site is just about the only place where this continuing failure of global temperatures to […]

The New Pause lengthens again: 101 months & counting – No global warming since 2014 By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley As the third successive year of la Niña settles into its stride, the New Pause has lengthened by another month (and very nearly by two months). There has been no trend in the UAH global mean lower-troposphere temperature anomalies since September 2014: 8 years 5 months and counting. As […]

AP falsely ‘fact checks’ Milloy’s 13 million-view tweet about 8 years of no warming By Steve Milloy   Here is the full Associated Press article (Web | PDF). This is the 13 million-view tweet in question. Before getting into the details of the AP’s lies, note that although the AP article quotes the tweet, it: Did not identify me. It merely referred to me anonymously as “a Twitter user.” Did […]

The New Pause lengthens: 100 Months with No Warming At All – Since 2014 – 8 years & 4 months…despite 14% of manmade CO2 By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The cold weather on both sides of the Atlantic last month seems to have had its effect on temperature, which fell sharply compared with November, lengthening the New Pause to 8 years 4 months, as measured by the satellites designed, built, and operated by Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr. […]

The new Global Temperature Pause is 8 years 2 months long – & counting

Special to Climate Depot By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The only reliable global-temperature database, the University of Alabama at Huntsville’s satellite record kept by Dr John Christy and Dr Roy Spencer, who designed, built and operate the satellites and process and publish the data, is exactly 44 years old this month. It shows there has […]

The New Pause lengthens to 7 years 11 months – No global temperature increase since 2014 By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The New Pause, notwithstanding the much-publicized heatwaves in Britain and some other countries, has lengthened by another month to 7 years 11 months. The least-squares linear-regression trend on the UAH satellite lower-troposphere monthly global mean temperature anomalies has settled into a steady state that may yet be perturbed either […]

The New Pause Lengthens to 7 Years 10 Months – No global warming since 2014 By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The New Pause paused last month because I was ill. Many apologies for the interruption. Now, however, it resumes – and it has lengthened from 7 years 7 months to the end of April 2022. To the end of June 2022, the New Pause is now 7 years […]

A ‘Weakening Warming Trend Of The Last 40 Years Is Apparent’, Says German Expert Fritz Vahrenholt: The transition to green energies and the missing warming By Kalte Sonne Dear ladies and gentlemen, During the energy crisis that has become visible in Germany and Europe over the past few months, things have gotten quieter about the supposedly imminent climate emergency. On the one hand, energy prices and security of supply […]

New Study: 90 Papers Were Published On The Temperature ‘Pause’ or ‘Hiatus’ From 2009-2019. Now Many Say It Never Happened By Kenneth Richard The claimed warming rate during the (1998-2001 to 2012-’13) “hiatus” ranged from -0.07°C to +0.17°C per decade. In late 2012, the IPCC had an ongoing dilemma about what to do about the uncooperative global temperatures. The HadCRUT3 data set government bureaucrats had been using since the first report in 1990 actually showed […]

Claim: ‘Global warming pause’ never happened – Monckton responds: The (old) Pause was ‘real’ in both surface & satellite data

Via “Science News” – Claim: A global warming pause that didn’t happen hampered climate science | Science News By Alexandra Witze APRIL 1, 2022 AT 10:00 AM It was one of the biggest climate change questions of the early 2000s: Had the planet’s rising fever stalled, even as humans pumped more heat-trapping gases into Earth’s atmosphere? […]