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Claim: ‘Global warming pause’ never happened – Monckton responds: The (old) Pause was ‘real’ in both surface & satellite data

Via “Science News” –

Claim: A global warming pause that didn’t happen hampered climate science | Science News

It was one of the biggest climate change questions of the early 2000s: Had the planet’s rising fever stalled, even as humans pumped more heat-trapping gases into Earth’s atmosphere?

By the turn of the century, the scientific understanding of climate change was on firm footing. Decades of research showed that carbon dioxide was accumulating in Earth’s atmosphere, thanks to human activities like burning fossil fuels and cutting down carbon-storing forests, and that global temperatures were rising as a result. Yet weather records seemed to show that global warming slowed between around 1998 and 2012. How could that be?

After careful study, scientists found the apparent pause to be a hiccup in the data. Earth had, in fact, continued to warm. This hiccup, though, prompted an outsize response from climate skeptics and scientists. It serves as a case study for how public perception shapes what science gets done, for better or worse.

Christopher Monckton Reponds to Science News on April 2, 2022:
“The pause of 18 years 9 months in global warming”
Why do you give only one side – the Communist side – of the climate debate?
The significance of the long pause in global warming from 1997-2015, and of the subsequent pause from 2014-2022, is that such long pauses (which were real, for they occur not only in the surface but also in the satellite lower-troposphere data that are not influenced by inadequate spatial coverage, however much the Hausfathers of this world may torture the measurements ex post facto) show that global warming is occurring at little more than half the originally-projected rate.
The reason is that there is a fundamental error at the heart of the climate narrative. Why have you never reported it? After correction, global warming will continue to be small, slow, harmless and net-beneficial. Indeed, it is already the case that not only globally but also in each region of the world, without exception, up to ten times as many people die of extreme cold weather as die of extreme hot weather. Why have you never reported that?
Who profiteers from the global-warming narrative? Putin, through sales of Siberian gas to a Europe which, thanks to his FSB agents and the environmental communist-front groups that they organize, has shut down nearly all its coal-fired power stations, which produced electricity reliably at one-third of the unit cost of gas-fired power. And Xi, thanks to China’s near-total control of all lithium carbonate output worldwide – another fact that you have simply not bothered to report. Why do you thus favour the most brutal system of government the world has ever seen?

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley


“The new Pause has lengthened by another month. On the UAH satellite monthly global mean lower-troposphere temperature dataset, seven and a half years have passed since there was any trend in global warming at all…. Global temperature has not been rising steadily (or, since October 2014, at all).”