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AP falsely ‘fact checks’ Milloy’s 13 million-view tweet about 8 years of no warming

By Steve Milloy


Here is the full Associated Press article (Web | PDF).

This is the 13 million-view tweet in question.

Before getting into the details of the AP’s lies, note that although the AP article quotes the tweet, it:

  • Did not identify me. It merely referred to me anonymously as “a Twitter user.”
  • Did not show the tweet or graph.
  • Did not link to the tweet.

So the AP purports to fact check me without naming me or showing the actual tweet. But it did feature a photo of some guy wading in the ocean with a power plant in the background.

The AP is afraid of identifying me either because (1) it fears people will learn something by learning about my work or (2) it fears being sued for libel.

Here’s the first false fact check.

Recall that the global warming con is that every molecule of greenhouse gas emission warms the planet. Every single one. That’s why you’re not supposed to drive, eat meat or use electricity. It’s why we supposedly need to get to “net zero.”

But since 2015, there have been 450 billion tons of emissions — and no global warming. In fact, there’s been global cooling, per NOAA’s own data.

Absent some other plausible explanation for 450 billion tons of CO2 not warming the planet, the past eight years of emissions falsify the notion that CO2 is discernibly warming the planet.

But what does the AP attack me for? Not showing the entire NOAA data record. So they tried to distract by changing the topic. The AP essentially say I cherry-picked a time frame to show cooling. That is false. I showed the period since the last El Nino, during which there has been no warming despite emissions worth 14% of the total manmade contribution to atmospheric CO2.

Next the AP wades briefly into some reality — that the ENSO cycle is driving temperatures.

And I agree with that. ENSO is driving global temperature. But then the AP returns to its fake fact check.

The AP once again falsely accused me of cherry-picking a timeframe and then asserted that there is a long-term warming occurring.

Yes, there is long-term warming. It’s been warming since about 1650, the depth of the Little Ice Age. But atmospheric greenhouse gases explains no part of that warming. El Nino on the other hand does so quite nicely.

Check out this graph from this morning’s Washington Post about how the coming El Nino could step-up temperatures (again) (Web | PDF).

Finally, don’t forget that the Associated Press, which used to be a news wire service, is paid millions of dollars by left-wing foundations to propagandize in support of the climate hoax.

Bottom line: The AP willfully lied about my tweet because 13 million Twitter users saw the truth.