Bill Gates wants to stop cows from burping & farting in latest investment – Funds Australian-based company to reduce livestock emissions By Kristen Altus  If you didn’t think that solving how to stop cows from burping is a million-dollar idea, well, Bill Gates apparently does. The Microsoft co-founder and billionaire has reportedly backed an Australian-based startup looking to stop cows from burping methane emissions, pouring funds into research around livestock food supplements. According to a press release, Gates’ firm […]

European Union Approves Mealworms & Cricket Powder For Use in Bread, Crackers, Chocolate, & Soups Despite ‘Inconclusive’ Allergy Data

Europeans now also allowed to eat cricket powder and small mealworms By  Ben Zeisloft A statute allowing food producers to incorporate cricket powder into flour-based products will go into effect on Tuesday in the European Union. The decision follows a review launched three years ago by the European Food Safety Authority regarding the use of partially defatted house cricket powder; […]

Lab-grown meat moves closer to American dinner plates – ‘Grown in enormous steel vessels called bioreactors & processed’ into meat-like substance WASHINGTON, Jan 23 (Reuters) – Once the stuff of science fiction, lab-grown meat could become reality in some restaurants in the United States as early as this year. Executives at cultivated meat companies are optimistic that meat grown in massive steel vats could be on the menu within months after one company won the […]

China’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Double U.S., India Close To Surpassing USA Excerpt: Why doesn’t John Kerry just move his whole climate change doomsday melodrama to Beijing or Mumbai? We’re sure they will listen to his self-righteous lectures. The chart below shows China now has double the CO2 emissions as the United States and will soon have triple our levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, India […]

Klaus Schwab: Current global crises are ‘serving as catalytic forces for the economic transformation’ By Ian Miles Cheong At the World Economic Forum’s annual conference on Tuesday, chair Klaus Schwab told elected officials and corporate leaders that the world’s present economic and geopolitical challenges are opportunities for “transformation.” The organization, which advocates for stakeholder capitalism and increased cooperation between public and private actors, sees these challenges as catalysts for […]

Wash Post headline: ‘Dead whales and tough economics bedevil Biden’s massive wind energy push’ By Evan Halper  Timothy Puko and Dino Grandoni The school-bus-size humpback whale that washed ashore on a narrow beach in Brigantine, N.J., this month weighed in at 12 tons and took a heavy emotional toll on coastal towns helplessly witnessing a spate of such deaths. The humpback was one of nine large whales to get […]

Former spokeswoman for Extinction Rebellion turns on group: ‘Climate activism has a cult problem…I used to be one of them’ – ‘I watched people brainwashed’

By Zion Lights Maybe you saw Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” smeared with two cans of tomato soup. Or the 20-year-old man who set fire to his arm at a tennis tournament, wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words “End UK Private Jets.” Or the traffic on London’s M25 highway blocked by protesters for days. One 24-year-old girl, […]

The Environmentalist Assault on Civilization: ‘With prosperity, we can adapt as we always have. With tyranny, we can do nothing’ By Edward Ring No reasonable person would deny the importance of protecting the environment. The accomplishments of the environmental movement over the past 50 years are undeniable: cleaner air and water, protected wildernesses, and more efficient use of resources. The list is endless and illustrious. Environmentalist values are an integral part of any responsible public […]

Top climate scientists predict decades of global cooling in study published in Nature journal Climate & Atmospheric Science (The Daily Sceptic) — Whisper it quietly – and don’t tell Al “Boiling Oceans” Gore – but the Northern hemisphere may be entering a temperature cooling phase until the 2050s with a decline up to 0.3°C (~1.14°F). By extension, the rest of the globe will also be cooled. These sensational findings, ignored by the mainstream […]