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Study: ‘Global greening is an indisputable fact…the rate of global greening increased’ from 2001-2020 – Published in journal Global Ecology & Conservation Global Ecology and Conservation Volume 49, January 2024, e02791 Highlights • The global greening is an indisputable fact. • The rate of global greening increased slightly. • The drought has only slowed the global greening, but not caused the global browning. Abstract Increases or decreases in remote sensing-based vegetation greenness are usually referred to […]

Trillions Spent on ‘Climate Change’ Based on Faulty Temperature Data, Climate Experts Say By Katie Spence To preserve a “livable planet,” the Earth can’t warm more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the United Nations warns. Failure to maintain that level could lead to several catastrophes, including increased droughts and weather-related disasters, more heat-related illnesses and deaths, and less food and more poverty, according to NASA. To avert the […]

Analysis: ‘Hurricanes have not become more intense’ since 1980 based on ACE or Accumulated Cyclone Energy combining frequency & intensity By ROGER PIELKE JR. This post is co-authored with Ryan Maue, whose Weather and Climate Substack I highly recommend. —RP Excerpts: In 2012, Jessica Weinkle, Ryan Maue and I published in the Journal of Climate the first climatology of global landfalling tropical cyclones of at least hurricane strength. Since then, Ryan and I have updated the time series every […]

‘Landification’ – or ‘land emergence’: Even with sea level rise, around the world coastal land area has increased 13,000 square miles or about size of Belgium!

Kip Hansen: “Land emergence”  — or the gaining of dry land…Compare these two versions:  Google Translate version of the Japanese page with the English version provided by the publisher.


Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: “If sea level rise is ongoing and inexorable, then all else equal, the areal extent of global land areas should be shrinking, especially in low-lying continental areas and among tropical islands…However, from 1985 to 2015 — a period when global sea levels increased by about 60 millimeters (about 2.4 inches) — the areal extent of global coastal land increased by almost 34,000 square kilometers (about 13k square miles), or about the size of Belgium home to more than 11 million people.”

The literature on landification is in strong consensus that global land areas, even along coasts, are generally increasing in areal extent. For example, Mao et al. 2021 looked at global shorelines and found that instead of retreating on a global scale they are generally expanding:

At almost all latitudes and longitudes landification is winning out over erosion and SLR. Figure 9 from Mao et al. 2021.

Study dissects breathing’s climate impact by race & gender! – Claims ‘African populations more likely’ to warm the Earth than ‘Asian populations’ with their breath & burps & claims women warm the planet more than men!

Study dissects breathing’s climate impact by race & gender! Finds ‘Human respiration has a net warming effect on the atmosphere’ – Claims ‘African populations more likely’ to warm the Earth than ‘Asian populations’ with their breath & burps & claims women warm the planet more than men! – Via Kenneth Richard

Humans “contribute to global warming” by exhaling greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide 16 times per minute – 

Africans are reported to more likely to warm the Earth with their breath and burps than other ethnic groups, and that women (38%) are more likely than men (25%) to be MPs (‘methane producers’) too.

“It has been reported in previous studies that region of birth or ethnicity is a strong indicator of the likelihood to be an MP, with African populations much more likely to be MPs than Asian populations.”

“The results reported in this study are consistent with most previous studies that found a higher percentage of MPs in females (38%) when compared to males (25%).”

Just STOP Breathing! Peer-Reviewed Study Says Human Breathing ‘Contributes to Global Warming’ – Finds ‘Human respiration has a net warming effect on the atmosphere’ – Published in PLOS ONE

The peer-reviewed study published Wednesday in the Public Library of Science’s journal PLOS One investigated greenhouse gas emissions of methane and nitrous oxide in human breath, which allegedly “contribute to global warming.”

Charles Rotter: The Absurdity of Measuring Breath for Climate Change – In a recent study published in PLOS ONE, titled “Measurements of methane and nitrous oxide in human breath and the development of UK scale emissions,” researchers have embarked on a quest that epitomizes the absurdity of current climate change discourse. This study, focusing on the emissions of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) from human breath, is not only a glaring example of scientific overreach but also a worrying indicator of the lengths to which climate alarmism is willing to go. … The methodology employed in the study is questionable. Collecting 328 breath samples from 104 volunteers hardly constitutes a representative sample of the UK population. … The fact that these emissions are stated contribute a mere 0.05% and 0.1% to the UK’s total emissions of CH4 and N2O, respectively, well below any margin of error in “national inventories” renders these findings insignificant.


Statistician Dr. Matt Briggs on breathing/climate study: “The first question that came to my mind when I read this breathtaking research was: how could people be this stupid? It has been known for quite a while that man exhales CO2. The amounts were also on the books. Ask any doctor who graduated before the woke struck medical schools. You can’t stop people from breathing. … Could it be, could it really be, that these academic Experts want to reduce the surplus population to cut down breathing and save us from the ravages of global warming. Now called ‘climate change’?”

Humans Are Fueling Global Warming By Just Breathing, Study Claims – For the study, the researchers investigated emissions of methane and nitrous oxide in human breath from 104 adult volunteers in the UK.

Now scientists say BREATHING is bad for the environment: Gases we exhale contribute to 0.1% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions

New Study: Unprecedented mass gain over the Antarctic ice sheet between 2021 & 2022 – Published in Nov. 2023 – Environmental Research Letters “The Antarctic Ice Sheet (AIS) showed a record-breaking mass gain of 129.7 ± 69.6 Gt/yr between 2021 and 2022. During this period, the mass gain over the East AIS and Antarctic Peninsula was unprecedented within the past two decades, and it outpaced the mass loss in the Amundsen sector of the West AIS from […]

New modeling study suggests plants might be able to absorb more CO2 from human activities than previously expected – ‘Paints an uncharacteristically upbeat picture for the planet’ – Published in journal Science Advances by Trinity College Dublin New research published in Science Advances paints an uncharacteristically upbeat picture for the planet. This is because more realistic ecological modeling suggests the world’s plants may be able to take up more atmospheric CO2 from human activities than previously predicted. … Simply planting more trees and protecting existing vegetation is […]

Biden Admin’s New Climate Report Touts Use Of ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ By ROBERT SCHMAD The Biden administration’s newest report on climate change says it used “indigenous knowledge” to arrive at its findings. The fifth National Climate Assessment incorporated “indigenous knowledge” with scientific literature to assess “the science of climate change and variability and its impacts across the United States.” The report defines indigenous knowledge as “bodies of […]