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Study: ‘The era of ‘climateflation’ is here’ – Biden Isn’t Responsible for Inflation — Climate Change Is!

Biden Isn’t Responsible for Inflation… Climate Change Is

Via Committee To Unleash Prosperity: The winner of this week’s you can’t make this %#*^ up goes to the political newsletter Axios.

Here’s their “scoop” headline from the other morning:

It may be time to add human-caused climate change to the list of factors likely to worsen inflation, a new study finds.

The data suggests climate change is rippling through entire economies, instead of affecting the availability or price of particular goods.

Published in the peer-reviewed journal Communications: Earth and Environment [boy that sounds like a real page-turner] the study shows increasing global average temperatures, more intense and frequent heat waves, and other factors are already driving up the prices of food and other goods worldwide.

These trends are likely to worsen…

Blah, blah, blah.

What’s especially pathetic about this story is first you have a bunch of nitwit academics writing the study. Then you have a supposed “scientific” journal publishing it. Then you have a supposed respected online news outlet reporting it.

Our friend Steve Goreham, a one-man climate-change hysteria watchdog, was equally outraged by this nonsense story and he reminds us that as the planet has slightly warmed over the past few decades, food production has soared – because plants and vegetation grow more rapidly in warm weather. Duh!

Sometimes the HOTLINE just writes itself.