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Nature Publication: Researchers Find Arctic Region 10,000 Years Ago Warmer Than Today

By P Gosselin on 27. April 2024

Early Holocene was warmer 10,000 years ago…Arctic ice melted.

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE presents its latest climate video at its Youtube channel.

Examined today is a paper appearing in the journal Nature Communications titled: “Seasonal sea-ice in the Arctic’s last ice area during the Early Holocene”

The authors looked at sea ice in the region of the Lincoln Sea, bordering northern Greenland and Canada, will be the final stronghold of perennial Arctic sea-ice in a warming climate.

According to the paper, “Modelling studies suggest a transition from perennial to seasonal sea-ice during the Early Holocene, a period of elevated global temperatures around 10,000 years ago.”

The researchers have found “marine proxy evidence for the disappearance of perennial sea-ice in the southern Lincoln Sea during the Early Holocene, which suggests a widespread transition to seasonal sea-ice in the Arctic Ocean.”

“Seasonal sea-ice conditions were tightly coupled to regional atmospheric temperatures,” the authors stated.