The Global War on Farming: ‘Net Zero and the American beef industry cannot coexist’ By EVA VLAARDINGERBROEK Excerpt: I was fortunate enough to be invited as the keynote speaker to their annual event in Rapid city last month by their CEO Bill Bullard. I had an amazing time meeting so many amazing American ranchers and I wanted to share the speech I gave there with you. If you […]

California’s Democrat Legislators Vote to Ban Grass Lawns to help the state ‘adapt to climate change’ By Cristina Laila California’s Democrat legislators last week voted to ban decorative lawns that are irrigated by potable water. Democrats banned decorative grass lawns to reduce water usage and to help the state ‘adapt to climate change.’ “Wasteful outdoor irrigation is a major challenge to our ability to adapt to climate change,” Adán Ortega Jr., […]

UK Telegraph: The French plan to save the planet? Stop poorer people flying – Seeking ‘a minimum price for airfares within the EU in a bid to reduce the number of flights’ to reduce CO2 emissions

UK Telegraph: The French plan to save the planet? Stop poorer people flying – Minimum prices for air tickets, proposed by France, will hurt the less well off without doing anything to reduce the number of flights

Cheap deals might be a thing of the past. France is seeking support from other European Union countries for a minimum price for airfares within the EU in a bid to reduce the number of flights in Europe and reduce the aviation sector’s CO2 emissions. Transport Minister Clement Beaune wants to “open the debate on the fair social and environmental price of a flight ticket”. The Netherlands and Belgium support the idea in principle. … 

France has already banned domestic flights for journeys that are possible in less than two-and-a-half hours by train. The Dutch government is going ahead with plans to cap the number of flights at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport next year, pending EU approval, in a bid to reduce noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Watch: Morano on Fox News on climate flight bans: ‘You will go nowhere & be happy’ – ‘Flying is going to be a venue only for the rich’ & they are ‘intentionally creating car shortages’ – ’15-minute cities’ like E. Germany – June 2, 2023

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends – The climate ‘psychological operation’ is beginning – NYT claiming vacations are a thing of the past due to climate is an attempt to restrict ‘freedom of movement’ – August 7, 2023

Michael Bloomberg Unleashes Another $500 Million to Destroy US Coal Industry By Joseph Vazquez Media mogul and failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is not letting up on his years-long obsession with putting the nails in the coffin on the U.S. coal industry. The Bloomberg News owner pledged another $500 million to “expand the Beyond Carbon campaign, one of the largest philanthropic efforts to fight the […]

Media is Wrong, the 2023 Burning Man Rainstorm Wasn’t Caused By ‘Climate Change’ By Linnea Lueken This year, the popular music festival Burning Man, which is held in the Black Rock Desert area of Nevada, was interrupted by a rainstorm that left many participants stranded. Wired and The Conversation, among other media outlets, attributed the rain storm, as well as the heat wave the area experienced a […]

Ron DeSantis Releases Climate & Energy Plan to ‘Revive American Energy Dominance’ – Seeks to Reduce Gas Prices to $2 in 2025 & Repeal Biden’s EV mandates & Withdraw from UN Paris Climate Pact

Ron DeSantis Announces Plan to Revive American Energy Dominance DeSantis Seeks to Reduce Gas Prices to $2 in 2025 MIDLAND, TEXAS – During an event today in Midland, Texas, Ron DeSantis unveiled a detailed plan for America’s path to energy dominance, pledging to reverse Joe Biden’s harmful “Green New Deal” policies that hurt Americans and strengthen […]

UK Guardian: ‘Al Gore leads international chorus of disapproval for UK PM Sunak’s climate U-turn’ – Watering down key climate policies ‘really shocking to me’ Gore declares Al Gore, the former US vice-president, has described the decision by the UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak, to water down key climate policies as “shocking and disappointing” and “not what the world needs from the United Kingdom”. Gore, now one of the world’s foremost advocates for swift action to avert the climate crisis, told CNN: […]

California’s climate lawsuit against oil & gas industry is a ‘financial shakedown’ By Chris Woodward A skeptic of catastrophic man-made climate change is calling California’s lawsuit against some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies another “financial shakedown.” The state claims Big Oil has deceived the public about the risks of fossil fuels that plaintiffs say are responsible for things like storms and wildfires. “For […]

Brazil’s Big Cats Under Threat From Wind Farms: ‘Jaguars & pumas face extinction in Brazil’s northeast as the fast-growing wind power industry frightens them off their land’ By Luciana MagalhaesFollow and Samantha PearsonFollow | Photographs by Dado Galdieri for The Wall Street Journal Sept. 17, 2023 10:00 am ET JUAZEIRO, Brazil—Weighing more than 100 pounds, big cats have long reigned over this hot and semi-arid region of Brazil, developing tougher paws for the scorched earth and reaching speeds of 50 miles […]