Climate-Obsessed AP Blames Humanity for ‘Hellish’ ‘Summer of Earth’s Discontent’

AP: When going through the litany of this summer’s weather extremes so far, University of Pennsylvania climate scientist Michael Mann had one question: “How on God’s Earth are we still burning fossil fuels after witnessing all this?” …

Climate Depot Founder Marc Morano slammed Borenstein for his ridiculous sensationalization in comments to MRC Business. “The AP is hyping every bad weather event it can find globally to fit their narrative,” Morano rebuked. “What they do not explain is that your chance of winning the lottery is very low, but the chance of someone, somewhere, winning the lottery is very high. So the activists essentially hype ‘lottery winners’ of extreme weather events and try to imply these events are increasing and happening everywhere.”

Climategate professor Michael Mann: ‘The GOP is the single greatest enemy of the planet’

Michael Mann science. — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) April 25, 2023 # Related:  Trump is a ‘threat to the planet’, claims Michael Mann – ‘The future of this planet could quite literally lie in the balance’   Climate activist Michael Mann’s solution to deadly tornadoes: ‘We need to pass Build Back Better…to address this problem […]

‘Doomerism’: Why scientists disagree with Biden that we are ‘damned’ over the 1.5 C Temp By Scott Waldman Damned. Lost. Done. President Joe Biden keeps saying the world as we know it will be gone if global temperatures rise beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius. His comments are raising concern among scientists who say the president risks adding to public confusion about the dangers of surpassing the 1.5 C threshold, an […]

The new Global Temperature Pause is 8 years 2 months long – & counting

Special to Climate Depot By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The only reliable global-temperature database, the University of Alabama at Huntsville’s satellite record kept by Dr John Christy and Dr Roy Spencer, who designed, built and operate the satellites and process and publish the data, is exactly 44 years old this month. It shows there has […]

Michael Mann slams ‘Fossil fuel-funded climate inactivists like Marc Morano’ & Mann warns against disbanding UN climate summits

Exactly. Stay tuned for my own commentary–I'll explain just how misguided these sorts of irresponsible diatribes really are. They play right into the agenda of polluters. An example: — Prof Michael E. Mann (@MichaelEMann) November 21, 2022 Fossil fuel-funded climate inactivists like Marc Morano LOVE the specious framing that no progress was […]

Morano slammed by Michael Mann & New Zealand media as ‘climate denialist & inactivist’ Your pre-COP climate denial inoculation Climate denialists and inactivists are as active as ever, experts and activists warn. David Williams reports By David Williams Excerpts: “Greta finally gets it!” a headline shrieked on the website Climate Depot, run by well-known denialists the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, or CFACT. (See what they did there?) […]

RIP Dr. Tim Ball, Climate Realist By Anthony Watts This was sent to me by the Ball family Saturday evening. See note that follows. It is with deep grief that we announce the passing of Dr. Timothy Ball. Tim made his end of life transition Sept 24th with his wife of over 60 years at his side, holding his hand. […]

Michael Mann Warns ‘We Have Less Than a Decade’ To Prevent ‘Catastrophic’ Global Warming – Claims ‘We Need Legislation’ To Regulate Earth’s Temps

By Alex Christy Against the backdrop of extreme weather across the country, Chris Jansing welcomed Penn State University’s Michael Mann to declare that “we have less than a decade” to save the planet. Jansing teed Mann up quoting President Biden and wondering, “So, let me ask you specifically about what the president just said, that […]