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Atlantic Mag: ‘The Green New Deal Does Not, Strictly Speaking, Exist’ – ‘It is far less concrete than its supporters have been led to believe’ By Robinson Meyer Since its ascension in 2018, the Green New Deal has defined the terms of the global climate debate. Perhaps no other climate policy in history has been as successful. Democrats and Republicans alike have been judged by how closely they seem to hew to it. The Sunrise Movement, the highest-profile American […]

Mark Steyn on Obama’s planned birthday bash with 500 plus guests: Social Distancing Is for the Little People Mark returned to America’s Number One cable show for a rare Monday appearance with Tucker, all about Barack Obama’s upcoming birthday party for 500 people, attended by 200 servants, at his oligarch-sized pad on Martha’s Vineyard. Click below to watch:     Update: CANCELLED! Obama Significantly Scales Back 60th Birthday Party as Virus […]

Bastardi: Destroying the moral imperative of fossil fuels by weaponizing weather to support Green fraud and American Marxism By Joe Bastardi There are many great books out there outlining reasons for skepticism on the man made cause of any “climate change”. So I apologize to the legion of great authors and great books. But for me, there are 4 books out there now that dovetail into the real agenda behind […]

Watch: The softer side of Climate Depot’s Morano – Interviewed by GOP Congressman Ken Buck for 35 min. on Green New Deal, Overpopulation & agenda behind ‘climate change’

Full Audio of podcast available here:  Republican Colorado Congressman Ken Buck: I sat down this week with Marc Morano, the author of “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think.” We discussed how the Left uses the politics of fear about the environment to push radical economic and social policies.

Watch: Mark Steyn interviews Morano on Fox News: Biden is going to kneecap US with climate agenda – ‘This is bonkers’ – China, Russia & OPEC will benefit

Full segment. Fox News Primetime – Broadcast July 9, 2021   Marc Morano: Biden is going to kneecap the US on climate agenda with China By Fox News Staff | Fox News “Green Fraud” author Marc Morano joined “Fox News Primetime” to discuss progressive’s pressuring President Biden to go soft on China’s human rights abuses in favor of a climate agenda. […]

USA Heatwave reality check: Global temps below 30-year avg & ‘75% of the states recorded their hottest temperature prior to 1955’ – Worst U.S. heat waves happened in 1930s

Climate Depot Special Report Here we go again! Climate change: US-Canada heatwave ‘virtually impossible’ without warming according to climate model simulations Model Based Study: Northwest heat wave impossible without climate change: “They logged observations of what happened and fed them into 21 computer models and ran numerous simulations. They then simulated a world without greenhouse […]

Watch: The big climate con. Marc Morano interviewed by Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First Rumble — Sebastian spends the whole hour with Marc Morano, the founder of Climate Depot, in-studio to debunk the numerous lies pushed by the Left about so-called “global warming.” Tune in to America First with Sebastian Gorka, Weekdays 3PM-6PM EST. Subscribe to the America First podcast on iTunes: Follow Sebastian Gorka on Twitter: Follow the America […]

Watch: Morano talks the wacky world of climate in 38 min. Heartland climate summit preview

  The Heartland Institute In our second in this series of previews of Heartland’s 14th International Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas in October (, Climate Depot’s Marc Morano joined us for a live-stream on May 11 for a sneak peek of his planned presentation. Morano talked about his new book, “Green Fraud: Why […]