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Watch: Mark Steyn interviews Morano on Fox News: Biden is going to kneecap US with climate agenda – ‘This is bonkers’ – China, Russia & OPEC will benefit

Full segment. Fox News Primetime – Broadcast July 9, 2021


Marc Morano: Biden is going to kneecap the US on climate agenda with China

By Fox News Staff | Fox News

“Green Fraud” author Marc Morano joined “Fox News Primetime” to discuss progressive’s pressuring President Biden to go soft on China’s human rights abuses in favor of a climate agenda.

Host Mark Steyn:  Marc Morano is the author of the book Green Fraud, for which I wrote the foreword. But don’t worry, there’s just a couple of pages, and after that, the pace of the book really picks up and is quite excellent. Marc, tell me if you can, the precise connection between facing down, China, and global warming.

MARC MORANO: Well these activists, and by the way, make no mistake Biden is going to cave on this, right now the White House is posturing themselves as hawks they are not going to give in, but essentially the Earth is facing such a climate catastrophe that it doesn’t matter what China does. It doesn’t matter what China does in any human rights violations and any other policy all that matters is that we save the planet. So, in doing so, we are going to completely kneecap the United States by continuing to shut down our energy and then turning it over to China, which by the way is building the equivalent of one new coal plant a week as America shuts down our energy. This is bonkers but this is going to the American foreign policy because the Sunrise Movement, Union of Concerned Scientists are heavily involved. What’s going to end up happening is they will get some kind of verbal or written concession from China to do better and they will say well, we held strong, and then they are going to go through and kneecap the U.S. on this climate agenda with China.

Even as we go to the solar and wind mandates and electric car batteries, cobalt Chinese-owned factories in Africa are being run by these Chinese companies with human rights abuses allegations of underage laborers. So this is not just human rights abuses in China but looking at them in Africa as China essentially is buying up Africa now.

Rough automated transcript: 

Mark Steyn: So they don’t actually care that the Yangtze is a color that no river in human history has actually been it’s more polluted than anything there their theory is that, who cares if Hong Kong becomes a prison state because if Biden focuses on China, there isn’t going to be a Hong Kong because it’ll be fried or submerged or whatever. So even if China does take over the planet. It’ll only be for 72 hours or so.

Morano: That’s right. And even as we go to the solar and wind mandates and electric car batteries, cobalt, Chinese own factories in Africa are being run by these Chinese companies with major human rights abuses. Allegations of underage laborers. So, this is, not just human rights abuses in China but we’re looking at him in Africa as China essentially is buying up Africa now and China becoming, it has become. This is It’s bonkers is I want to say that again because there’s no way you could look at this is he’s bought he’s co opting Donald Trump’s phrase and twisting it to make China, Great Again because that’s all, Joe Biden’s doing here is he’s, he’s literally going to hand them everything on a silver platter. When it comes to the climate agenda and China is poised to benefit even the UN Paris pact, China has doesn’t have to do a thing for another decade as the United States is now falling all over I suppose to cut out to cut our energy.

Steyn: You know, I’m glad you reminded me of Africa, because I’m basically a 19th-century imperialist century passed my cell by day, and back in the good old days they used to talk about the scramble for Africa The fascinating thing this time is there was no scramble China just took over the whole thing. Basically, in nothing flat and none of these left the activists going on about colonialism and every American Campus has a word to say about China’s Neo-colonialism in the service of polluting the planet.

Morano: They say nothing and again we are going from under President Trump, this is important, the first time since Harry Truman was president we had American energy dominance more energy exports and imports more energy production than consumption. Now, for the first time ever Russian oil imports have gone record levels, Biden is employing OPEC to increase oil production, he’s shutting us down, so we can get more foreign sources of energy, and be more reliant on China, that’s the whole renewable energy thing is going to give China, complete mining monopoly on all these rare earth metals, it is just incredible that we’re all sitting back here and watching this happen in six, seven months since January. And it’s, I don’t see any real opposition in Washington to this at this point.

Steyn: I can’t get past that word, you just use OPEC, because I don’t think I’d heard it in the last decade or so, yeah. Thank you. Thank you so much Mark. That was great stuff. Have a terrific weekend.



‘The Green New Deal has at its core an impossibility in physics’ – USA to swap energy independence for dependence on China & Russia

Excerpt from Green Fraud:

Sunday Times of London in 2019. “Exploited by Chinese firms, workers as young as nine risk their lives to feed the world’s growing hunger for cobalt,” reporter Christina Lamb wrote. “Last year about 70% of the world’s supply came from the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the poorest, most violent and corrupt places on Earth. Much of its cobalt comes from around this town.” “Without Democratic Republic of Congo there is no electric car industry and no green revolution,” said Anneke Van Wouden- berg, head of Rights and Accountability in Development (Raid), a UK-based group.

Wash Post columnist: ‘We can’t fight climate change using forced labor in China’ to make solar panels

Excerpt: Trump-approved Keystone XL pipeline. Some 11,000 high-paying jobs, many unionized, vanished. 

Canceled the Trump-approved Keystone XL pipeline. Some 11,000 high-paying jobs, many unionized, vanished.

Russian President Vladimir Putin cheered. By trapping Canadian oil underground, Keystone’s cancellation curbed long-term supplies of crude oil.

The Colonial Pipeline’s operators shut it down

Biden then rewarded the Kremlin for its acquiescence (or worse) in the Colonial caper by scrapping sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany. Journalists asked Biden why he took this step.

“Because it’s almost completely finished, number one,” he replied. Biden then babbled on. “The idea that anything that — and it’s not like I can allow Germany to do something they’re not.”

Instead, Germany will burn Russian natural gas.

So, by speeding Nord Stream 2, Biden will have combusted 74 percent of the anti-global-warming “benefit” that he created by junking Keystone.

Environmentalists should be enraged.

“Nord Stream 2 would enable the Putin regime to further weaponize Russia’s energy resources to exert political pressure throughout Europe,” four bipartisan U.S. House members warned Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a February 17 letter.

Amplifying strategic concerns about Nord Stream 2 is the fact that its CEO is Matthias Warnig. He was a former officer in the Stasi, East Germany’s answer to the KGB, for the latter of which Putin spied.

Deutsche Welle described Warnig as “Putin’s friend from East Germany.”

Now, Germany will become addicted — not to U.S. liquefied natural gas, but gas from the very adversary that NATO was designed to defeat.

Joe Biden’s Climate Plan Will Make Us Even More Dependent on China  – Steve Milloy: Joe Biden’s climate plan will put America at the mercy of its superpower rival, China. … The technologies involved in wind and solar power and electric vehicles are much more reliant than their conventional alternatives on metals and minerals including copper, lithium, nickel, manganese, cobalt, graphite chromium, molybdenum, zinc, rare-earths and silicon.  …