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Listen: Morano & Joe Bastardi on Sean Hannity’s nationally syndicated radio show – Talk climate & Green New Deal

The Sean Hannity Show – Broadcast May 7, 2021



Rough Transcript:

Hannity: Marc Morano is back with us, author of Green Fraud. It’s just out a brand new book we’ll put it up on It’s on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere, and Joe Bastardi is back with us. His book was a bestseller The Weaponization of Weather and the Phony Climate War. Thank you both for being with us, Marc, we’ll start with you. So you listen to this former undersecretary Department of Education under Obama, I think Steve Koonin probably has it pretty right

Morano: Yes, he does. He has the courage to speak out. This is an Obama Biden administration scientist, breaking his silence coming out with his dissent, and of course, the progressive activists in the climate movement are already trying to smear him and doing fact checks all kinds of things on him. Koonin has been strong he’s not backing down. And it just goes to show you we have Nobel Prize-winning scientists, we have former UN scientists who turned against the organization. Steve Koonin Is this the latest name and it’s an amazing thing to watch many of the scientists are on the left, but they just couldn’t handle how the politics of climate politics infested the whole climate movement.

The Green New Deal is being defined as you can’t have a Green New Deal without abolishing the police. This is the latest this week, they want to cancel pet ownership they want us to eat insects. It just goes on and on. So it’s no surprise that the science was distorted, for this kind of a wacky agenda.

Hannity: “You know you’ve taken a lot of heat yourself Joe Bastardi. And meanwhile, I think, between you and Marc I can’t think of two people that know more about weather, and that it’s not only your job but it’s your life’s passion. I mean crazy former storm chaser, that you’ve been in your life. And yet when you give the history when you can give the history of every hurricane with every name, with every bit of damage and devastation and pattern that it took everybody, you know, they seem to bubble and fizz like Alka Seltzer every time you say what you say about, you know this phony Climate War.

Bastardi: Well that’s what the book is about, it’s a reputation with actual examples of weather events that were much worse you got to understand, we are my company is a small company, and we’re a top 10 global weather forecasting company now. And part of the reason is because we’ve got two older guys myself Joe D’Aleo and boy wonder Tom downs supplies information that the newer generation is seeing, and we have looked and looked and look, then when somebody comes up and says something, and you can instantly off the top of your head pull out five to 10 Direct weather events that refute it. This is what I wrote about, and this is why our company, kicked out that Texas freeze. Well, well more than a week away, I want to say something about that too. I love Governor Abbott, I love, love, Senator Cruz, but when I looked at what the proposals in the wake of the Texas freeze were showing nothing. What I did not see anything about let’s get some extra eyes on the weather warning. The National Weather Service in the United States is the best in the world do not get me wrong, and you’ll have my disagreements with know about climate change with their fantastic organization we should be very proud of it, but when you have someone who basically, you know, we have to be right in the private sector, we’re going to get fired, especially with 1700 other companies out there, and also the weather service. When you have someone with that kind of experience. I was just asking for a chance to get in front of people and say look, this is one we have to look at. Also, but here’s the problem. It involves an agenda that people have ignored. We let them steamroll this right through it started in 2015 when Gina McCarthy said it will make no difference that’s exactly what she said. And you heard President Biden say that we’re all going to be an example for the rest of the world with a mass economic suicide with an impossible utopian dream of zero carbon footprints. Well, this is what you get what you tolerate today you embrace tomorrow and celebrate and next generation and that’s what I think you see going on out there.

Hannity: How is it possible Marc Morano and correct me if I’m wrong on the facts, my understanding is, is that the United States has been leading every industrialized nation in terms of reducing emissions co2 emissions, and yet Joe wants to join the Climate Accords in Paris at once again which then would recognize China and India as developing countries, and what they pay is negligible to the massive sums of money that will cause the American taxpayers.

Morano: First of all, John Kerry is willing to overlook any Chinese human rights abuses, he doesn’t care. He wants to get some kind of assurance some kind of signature from the Chinese leader that and declare victory on climate, but you’re absolutely right outside of the United States, President Trump was there withdrew from the UN Paris Agreement which was absolutely meaningless when it comes to climate but it was a big giant political boondoggle and threatened our sovereignty and financing everything. But the United States and the Trump, not only did we become the world’s largest oil and gas producer, we became not only energy independent but energy dominant for the first time since Harry Truman was president we had more energy exports than imports. And this is the kicker. During that time, We were, we were leading the world in the biggest reductions in CO2. We were reducing our CO2 faster than any other nations, all the signatories of the UN Paris agreement were shaming us for not signing or staying in the UN Paris Climate pact.

We were blowing them away with actual results, and we did it, because if you actually care about the environment, state of the Earth, climate, you would do the opposite of the Green New Deal you would do.  Trump’s policies of rapid incredible economic growth, technological innovation energy explosion, and what that ends up resulting in is you have the best environmental standards of domestic energy all the Green New Deal is all the UN Paris agreements going to do is offshore, our mining, our energy exploration, our emissions to countries that don’t have the same environmental standards or technology is that it makes no sense, from beginning to end the entire climate agenda if you think that they actually care about climate, when all of their policies will only harm. Planet Earth, and the climate

Hannity: A new Green Deal …because the planet is going to be destroyed in 12 years. And $10 trillion is the estimated cost just to start this madness. And then, all of Joe’s spending now wave on infrastructure emergency COVID relief, you know, blue state bailouts, all down payments on the new Green Deal. And I’m trying to understand how how a Green Deal is connected to childcare, how is it connected to pre K daycare housing connected to a guaranteed government job guaranteed government wage guaranteed government, healthy food guaranteed government health care, retirement and the list goes on and on, how is that related in any way to anything green.

Bastardi: It’s not as a matter of fact, the planet is greener than it’s ever been in the satellite era right now so the real Green Deal is the extra co2 in the atmosphere is fertilizing plants even more. In fact I was walking by a tree, the other day tried to hug me because I’m a co2 emitting organism by 100 100 times exhale more than I, that I inhale co2 This is a phony war. There’s no question about it, they came into the domain that I have loved since I was three years old, stuck it in the sewer and dragged it through there that’s called politics. All right. And so, it’s a phony war and they weaponized the weather for and let me tell you something, brother, that Texas freeze was nothing. It comes hurricane season, anytime it gets hot, or it’s dried someplace, it’s all coming. So, you know what, when you’re ready to have the mark on for that by the way, Marc’s book is unbelievable. It nails the political agenda perfectly. My domain is the weather. And I also have an interesting little way if you fear CO2 Folks, we can get rid of it pretty easily. If you actually look at it it’s eco-friendly. So there are ways out of this that don’t involve $10 trillion, and more of what is a push for indentured servitude of future generations to a massive debt that has to be repaid.

Hannity: Pretty, pretty unbelievable agenda that these guys have. Marc, congratulations on the book. Thank you for being with us.


Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse than You Think – By Marc Morano – Hardcover – March 23, 2021

The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War – By Joe Bastardi

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