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New Hurricane Study Finds ‘No Obvious Trends’ By Paul Homewood As study after study shows, real-world data keeps telling us that global warming is not making hurricanes worse. A new study by Roger Pielke Jr and Ryan Maue based on global landfall data since 1970 has confirmed this yet again: In 2019 the three most costly catastrophes were the consequence of […]

Watch: Morano on TV debunking hurricane Dorian & ‘climate change’ links

  How The Left Tries To Politicize Disasters Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN # Related:  Watch: Morano debates hurricanes & ‘climate change’ with U. of Maryland Professor on Eric Bolling’s TV Show Extreme weather expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: On hurricanes – and more generally, tropical cyclones — we are fortunate that there have […]

NOAA Hurricane Researcher’s study: Using 1940s observational methods, ‘only 2 of these [recent] 10 Cat 5s would have been recorded as Cat 5 if they had occurred during the late-1940s period’ By Paul Homewood I see Michael Mann has been up to his tricks again!    Category 5 Hurricane Dorian tore through the Bahamas like a buzz saw last week, killing dozens of people and leaving a ruined, broken landscape. It was the fifth Category 5 hurricane in the past four Atlantic hurricane seasons, joining […]

Watch: Morano’s new video debunks media hype on hurricanes & ‘climate change’

CEA Guest host Marc Morano explains. Read Transcript Marc Morano: Uh-oh! Hurricane season is here again. And with climate change, the storms are more frequent and stronger… except… they aren’t. The fact is, the media and climate change campaigners have been lying to you. Yes… I know it’s hard to believe that the news media […]

NPR tries and fails to connect ‘slow moving hurricanes’ like Dorian to ‘climate change’ By Anthony Watts Since Dorian didn’t cause any significant U.S. death and devastation that the MSM was looking forward to covering in the vein of “See, climate change!”. NPR had a go at it though, citing a NOAA study that is nothing more than an exercise in cherry picking data. The slow movement of […]

Florida Major Hurricane Strikes: No Significant Increase in Intensity from Sea Surface Warming by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. Summary: Twenty-two major hurricanes have struck the east coast of Florida (including the Keys) since 1871. It is shown that the observed increase in intensity of these storms at landfall due to SST warming over the years has been a statistically insignificant 0.43 knots per decade (0.5 mph per […]’s Contrived ‘Record Cat5 Hurricanes’ Statistic – Reality Check: ‘1930s had a stretch of 4 years with 5 Category 5 Atlantic hurricanes’ Dr. Roy Spencer: Excerpt: What they claim is a record (which appears so) is that we have now had a stretch of 4 consecutive years with at least one Cat5 hurricane. I claim that is a contrived statistic. Which is more significant in a “climate change” context: that in 1933-34 there were two Cat5 […]