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Listen: Morano debates climate activist on Sean Hannity’s national radio show – Warmist seeks to ban climate dissent


Clipped from The Sean Hannity radio show on 9-6-19. Hannity calls out the hidden agenda that always comes with climate change and ask why the science doesn’t add up.

Marc Morano and Betsy Rosenberg join the show to argue their points.

Key Excerpts: 

Sean Hannity: Marc Morano,  author of the Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, creator of the movie Climate Hustle now on DVD and you can find it on demand
Marc you saw the CNN Democratic debate, you heard it. Your take?

Marc Morano: The most amazing thing about the Democratic debate is not only how they want to ban everything,  but there’s an implication — and it was never challenged that by banning everything, centrally planning, and completely shutting down the American economy and regulating every aspect of it that somehow this would impact climate and they never actually addressed how.

Sean Hannity to warmist Betsy Rosenberg: Would you like to put us in jail?

Betsy Rosenberg: I would like to get you off the air.

Hannity: You want me off the air. You want to silence me don’t you?

Rosenberg: Absolutely. Anyone who denies science has no right be on national television during this time of crisis.