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Bye bye to 158 DC cherry trees over climate fears – UN vs. UN battle about ‘2 years to save world’ – Kerry declares you are ‘GREEDY’ – EU court rules ‘Climate inaction’ violates human rights

“‘Two years to save the world’ is meaningless rhetoric — at best, it’s likely to be ignored, at worst, it will be counterproductive,” said Princeton University climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer, who is also a professor of international affairs. [Note: Oppenheimer has also served as UN IPCC Coordinating Lead Author.]

Euro court rules ‘climate action’ is a human right – ‘Climate inaction’ violated human rights – The European Court of Human Rights, in a landmark ruling that could have major implications across 48 European countries, rulng for the 2,000 members of Switzerland’s Senior Women for Climate Protection (average age: 74), the ECHR held the country’s “fail[ure] to comply with its duties” to meet its emissions reductions targets and otherwise protect its citizens from the ravages of the climate crisis. The ruling, which cannot be appealed, is legally binding on all 46 member states of the Council of Europe.

Watch: John Kerry claims ‘greed’ is the biggest hurdle to fighting climate change – ‘Put it down to greed. G-R-E-E-D. Greed’

Support Green New Deal — Or you are a Gramma killer?! American Medical Association: ‘Curbing climate change can help stop the next viral pandemic’

Study: Clearer skies may be accelerating global warming – Declining pollution causing warming – ‘Earth’s skies are getting clearer & letting in more sunshine’

Net Zero Leaves U.K. Paying Five Times More for Electricity Than China

WaPo & Amazon founder Jeff Bezos buys $90 million mansion on a MAN-MADE barrier island in Florida despite his paper constantly hyping climate sea level rise

Net Zero is working! Green Britain returning to its pre-industrial bliss?! UK domestic energy production falls to lowest level on record! Imported a net 41.1% of its energy in 2023

Watch: Morano on Hannity on Fox News: Biden’s green energy transition is ‘magical thinking from beginning to end’

African nation becomes ‘first country’ to outlaw entry of gas cars!  EVs only! Ethiopia announces plans to ban import of gas-powered vehicles ‘to reduce its output of planet-warming pollution’ — But only 54% of people have ‘access to electricity’

The Age of Underpopulation is Here – Population is now rapidly declining in most of the world

‘Reckless’ federal owl slaughter: Government proposal to kill a half-million barred owls to protect the spotted owl sparks controversy

Now they’re coming for your pants! Wearing BLUE JEANS creates huge carbon footprint: Study reveals wearing a pair just once is the equivalent to driving a car for 6.4 miles