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Net Zero is working! Green Britain returning to its pre-industrial bliss?! UK domestic energy production falls to lowest level on record! Imported a net 41.1% of its energy in 2023

By Emma Powell – UK Telegraph

The amount of energy produced domestically in Britain has fallen to its lowest level on record, increasing the country’s dependency on imports from Norway and the United States.

North Sea oil production last year fell to the weakest level since records began in 1948 and gas output was the second lowest, according to figures from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.

A rise in wind, solar and hydroelectric output failed to offset the fall in more carbon-intensive fuels, which meant that total UK energy production was 9 per cent lower than in 2022 and down by more than two thirds on 1999, when domestic production peaked. Maintenance outages and plant closures meant that nuclear output was also at a fresh low.