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We’re Saved!? UN declares: ‘Whether you like it or not, fossil fuel phase out inevitable’ – Morano: UN ‘is literally psychotic…We have to say HELL NO to idea of Net Zero!’

Hug your children today! The UN has struck a deal to end fossil fuels & save the planet!


Watch: Morano on Fox w/ Varney on UN climate summit: ‘We have to say HELL NO’ to this whole idea of Net Zero’ – ‘This is an insane goal. It’s an insane meeting’

Varney & Co. – Fox Business – Broadcast December 13, 2023 – Phasing out fossil fuels is an ‘insane goal’: Marc Morano – Climate Depot executive editor Marc Morano discusses worldwide calls to phase out fossil fuels and Al Gore blaming the mental health crisis on climate change

Watch: Morano on Fox News w/ Ingraham on COVID/Climate merging: ‘The most significant event of COP 28 happened before COP 28, when 200 medical journals urged the WHO to declare climate change a public health threat’
‘The Ingraham Angle.’ – Fox News Channel – Broadcast December 13, 2023

Over 200 health journals call on the UN & WHO to recognize ‘climate change’ as ‘a global health emergency’


COP28: Hype and Reality – ‘COP28 was futile climate theatrics’ – Full of ‘phony climate promises’ – ‘We must abandon Net Zero before it’s too late’


You have NO CHOICE! UN Sec. Gen. António Guterres (the former president of Socialist International) declares: ‘Whether you like it or not, fossil fuel phase out is inevitable’

UN Celebrates! COP28 Agreement Signals ‘Beginning of the End’ of the Fossil Fuel Era – UN brags it is ‘ratcheting up climate action’

CNN: ‘It’s time to limit how often we can travel abroad – ‘Carbon Passports’ may be the answer’ – ‘Drastic changes to our travel habits are inevitable’ – Suggests restrictions will be ‘forced’ upon public

Watch: ‘Stop Net Zero, Save Red Meat!’ Climate skeptics crash COP 28 & engage in traffic blockade at the UN climate summit in Dubai

  Watch: I participated in a traffic blockade at the UN climate summit in Dubai – Climate skeptics turn the table on climate activists! CFACT’s 1 minute climate protest video here at the COP28 conferences

Watch: Morano on Fox on COP 28: Believing we can abolish fossil fuels & a UN climate pact is going to save us ‘is literally psychotic’ – ‘Net Zero is a Soviet-style central planning technique that has to be roundly defeated’

Morano on UN COP28 Climate Summit & Net Zero Goals of Fossil Fuel Phase-Out:

Morano: “Let’s say it out loud. Net Zero is a Soviet-style central planning technique that has to be roundly defeated. We need Republican leadership. We need the House Speaker. We need Mitch McConnell. We need them to do a Sense of the Senate, a declaration of Congress to declare Net Zero an anti-human agenda.

It’s one of the greatest farces that ever come from the United Nations — the idea that the UN is going to act as though they’re they can control the dial of the earth and control the temperature by crushing human energy and development. … 

And just to go back to the whole big picture, 100 years ago, 80% of our energy came from fossil fuels. Today, 80% of our energy comes from fossil fuels both globally and in the US. The idea that we can get rid of fossil fuels in the next few decades and that the UN is going to save us or the idea that the Inflation Reduction Act is going to save us — is literally psychotic. It has no science or common sense behind it.”


Watch: Morano gives analysis and sums up UN climate summit with Alex Newman on TNT’s Unleashed with Marc Morano – 12 December 2023

NYT: ‘Saudi Arabia Is Trying to Block a Global Deal to End Fossil Fuels, Negotiators Say’

‘Tears flowed’ at COP 28 climate summit as UN agreed to ‘historic’ decision to TAKE AWAY YOUR FOSSIL FUELS to save planet!!

Flashback 2020: Crying over ‘climate change’ – Tears, sobbing, & ‘climate grief’ is an actual thing for activists – Special Report


Via Climate Nexus:

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JUSTICE: The last residents of a coastal Mexican town destroyed by climate change (AP), Climate reparations are becoming a reality. Here’s what they could look like. (Grist), Analysis: It’s uncertain if push to ‘Stop Cop City’ got enough valid signers for Atlanta referendum (AP)


Technocracy: Critics Slam UN ‘Climate Scientists’ Bid for Dictatorial Power

Over 200 health journals call on the UN & WHO to recognize ‘climate change’ as ‘a global health emergency’

COP 28: UN scientists seek Fauci-like ‘powers – Gore & Kerry demand phase-out of fossil fuels – ‘Clothing limited to 3 new items per person’

Eliminate fossil fuels for the kids’ future! Climate activist: ‘COP28, the clock’s ticking’ – ‘Phase out fossil fuels? Yes, please’


Scientist Dictators emerge at Cop28! UN IPCC scientists declare: ‘We need power to prescribe climate policy’ – ‘Scientists should be allowed to make policy prescriptions & potentially oversee implementation’

Gore declares: Agreement to phase out fossil fuels would be ‘one of the most significant events in the history of humanity’

‘Climate lockdowns are here & now’ – Marc Morano Joins Rose Unplugged From COP28 Climate Conference in Dubai

Watch: Morano on TV from Dubai COP 28 UN climate summit on Destroying The World’s Energy Supply

Not again!? ‘This may be our last chance’: Cop28 talks ‘enter final phase’ — But every climate summit is hailed as the ‘last chance!’

UN climate summit serving burgers, BBQ as it calls for US to stop eating meat – Offerings include ‘juicy beef,’ ‘slabs of succulent meat,’ smoked wagyu burgers & Philly cheesesteaks