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Eliminate fossil fuels for the kids’ future! Climate activist: ‘COP28, the clock’s ticking’ – ‘Phase out fossil fuels? Yes, please’

Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali – @EJinAction
“Now or Never: A Wake-Up Call at the Eleventh Hour of #COP28”
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, esteemed procrastinators of planet Earth, welcome to the grand finale of COP28! What a show it’s been, right? Imagine this: we’re here, at the edge of making history, deciding whether to phase out fossil fuels or just… phase them down a bit. Ah, the thrill of indecision!

Let’s paint a picture: The planet is simmering like a pot left on the stove, hitting temperatures hotter than my mixtape – and that’s saying something. And yet, here we are, debating whether to turn down the heat or just remove one log from the fire. Spoiler alert: neither option stops the pot from boiling over!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But wait, if we phase out fossil fuels too quickly, what about the economy?” Sure, because when your house is on fire, the first thing you think about is, “But will the value of my curtains go down?” Priorities, people!

And speaking of priorities, let’s talk about our frontline communities. Black, Brown, and Indigenous folks are out there, taking the brunt of climate change like they’re auditioning for a disaster movie. Floods, hurricanes, droughts, extreme heat – it’s like Mother Nature’s version of the Hunger Games, and they didn’t even volunteer as tribute.

But don’t worry, the #fossilfuel execs are here to save the day! Ah yes, the same people who got us into this mess are apparently going to get us out of it. That’s like asking the person who pushed you into the pool to throw you a life jacket. But hey, at least they’re consistent.

And let’s not forget about our furry and feathered friends facing extinction. It’s like an episode of “Survivor: Wildlife Edition,” except the contestants don’t get a say, and there’s no million-dollar prize at the end. Just survival.

So, here’s a wild idea: how about we stop treating “Phase Out” like it’s a dirty phrase? There’s no Planet B, folks. Unless Elon Musk is hiding a spare Earth in his garage, we might want to take care of this one.

In conclusion, COP28, the clock’s ticking. It’s time to stop playing hot potato with the planet and get serious. Phase out fossil fuels? Yes, please. Because honestly, if we don’t, our grand finale might just be the planet’s too. And trust me, nobody’s going to be applauding that ending.
©️MustafaSantiagoAli #ClimateAction