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Media claim: ‘Biden notched big climate wins. Can his campaign sell that?’ – The public needs to understand that the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ is ‘so important to their lives’

By Scott Waldman

Quentin Fulks, who started last week, said that he expects one of his biggest challenges will be to help the public understand why the climate-centric Inflation Reduction Act, the bipartisan infrastructure law and other related pieces of legislation are so important to their lives.

“The stuff that has been delivered by this administration is so massive that the challenge within itself is almost explaining it, how massive it is and how meaningful it is,” Fulks said during a interview on the “Staffer” podcast hosted by Jim Papa of Global Strategy Group.

Polls consistently have shown that voters are still largely unfamiliar with the climate provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act, which contains $369 billion in clean energy spending and incentives. Same goes for the bipartisan infrastructure law, which devotes billions of dollars to building electric vehicle charging stations, electric buses and abandoned oil and gas well capping funds.

Biden and his Cabinet have fanned out across the country in recent months to tout the measures.

Fulks talked about the need to grow the diverse coalition of voters that helped Biden secure his 2020 victory. That coalition included Black voters, suburban moms, young people, Latinos and climate voters.

“We’re going to continue building a large coalition — the most people in the modern era voted to send President Biden and Vice President [Kamala] Harris to the White House in 2020, and we’re going to add on to that,” he said on the podcast.