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‘Catastrophic situation’: Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Christie warns America’s power grid is in big trouble – ‘Threatening our ability to keep the lights on’

Testifying before the US Senate, FERC Commissioner Mark Christie warns that America’s bulk power grid is in big trouble. Christie: ‘I’m really afraid to say that I think the United States is heading for a very catastrophic situation in terms of reliability — hope it doesn’t happen, but I think were heading for potentially catastrophic […]

Biden EPA Unveils New CO2 Crackdown On Coal & Natural Gas Power Plants – Claim to achieve ‘climate and public health benefits’ By  Ben Zeisloft The Environmental Protection Agency released new carbon emissions standards for power plants that burn coal and natural gas, a move which some energy experts and lawmakers caution will decrease power reliability and artificially increase electricity costs for households. The new regulations unveiled on Thursday morning would seek to avoid 617 million metric tons of total carbon dioxide emissions through 2042, equal to the […]

Bill Gates funded Lab-grown meat ‘could be 25 times worse for the climate than beef’ – ‘Highly energy intensive’ – ‘Meat’ grown in steel vats from stem cells from animal By Alice Klein Analysis finds the carbon footprint of cultivated meat is likely to be higher than beef if current production methods are scaled up because they are still highly energy-intensive Cultivated meat is made by growing muscle tissue from stem cells Meat produced from cultured cells could be 25 times worse for the climate […]

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission warns Senators: Pace of coal retirements threaten reliability – ‘Going to be catastrophic’

  Testifying before the US Senate Energy Committee, all four FERC Commissioners express concern with the current pace of coal-fired power plant retirements and its growing threat to grid reliability. FERC Chairman Phillips: “I am extremely concerned.” FERC Commissioner Danly: “The results I fear are going to be catastrophic.” US Senate Committee on Energy and […]

Media claim: ‘Biden notched big climate wins. Can his campaign sell that?’ – The public needs to understand that the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ is ‘so important to their lives’ By Scott Waldman Quentin Fulks, who started last week, said that he expects one of his biggest challenges will be to help the public understand why the climate-centric Inflation Reduction Act, the bipartisan infrastructure law and other related pieces of legislation are so important to their lives. “The stuff that has been delivered by this […]