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Watch: Morano & Patrick Moore on Newsmax TV: Morano: Skeptical scientists are ‘banned, censored, de-platformed’ – ‘Same thing we saw during COVID’

More clips of segment here:

Marc Morano: “So what happened is in 1988, the United Nations Climate Panel was set up to deal with global warming, and they had to find that CO2 was causing a climate crisis. Because if they failed to find that, scientifically, they had no reason to exist. And as a bonus, when the UN could hype the fear of climate change by CO2, they also got to be in charge of the ‘solution’ with all these UN conferences. The fix was in, and the United Nations sets the agenda. We had the UN say last fall that ‘we own the science and we partnered with Google’ to make sure search returns come back only with UN-favorable scientific views on the internet. So this is how they create a consensus. The same thing we saw in COVID. They banned, censored, de-platformed the scientists who dissented, and they only promoted the ones that are approved by the state. We saw it in COVID, we are seeing it in climate.”