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Watch: Morano on Canada’s Rebel TV – Climate as a Public Health Threat & Carbon credit cards?! The UN & World Economic Forum’s new climate agenda

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid spoke to Marc Morano, creator of, about the World Economic Forum’s plans to use the ‘COVID template’ of micro-monitoring individuals in order to fight climate change.

The World Health Organization has declared that climate is the greatest health threat of the twenty-first century, and if the climate is left unchecked we will get more COVID-like viruses.

“So, if you don’t support the net-zero, Green New Deal, U.N. climate agenda, you are a grandma killer because that’s gonna lead to more runaway viruses,” said Morano.

Morano talked about how Al Gore joined forces with Google to come up with the ‘Climate Trace Initiative’ which is essentially a carbon social credit system that will monitor 70,000+ individual CO2 emitters such as farms, factories, and businesses.

“Mastercard and the UN last year announced their partnership for these carbon footprint monitoring credit cards. In other words, if you’re spending money it’s gonna monitor it, if you’re buying meat, gas, putting your thermostat too high, spending money on energy bills, then whammo, it cuts off your ability to spend once you hit your carbon max. World Economic Forum praised this credit card, Visa this year is joining it,” he said.