Nancy Pelosi: ‘I don’t know how anybody could say I care about the planet, I think I’ll vote Republican’ – Warns planet is on the ballot! Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi provided a status update on her husband Paul’s condition a week after he was attacked in their home and offered thoughts just days ahead of the midterm elections. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she doesn’t think anyone who cares about the planet could vote for anyone but a Democrat. The […]

Watch: Anti-UN ‘climate agenda’ protest: Skeptics Morano & Rucker ‘glue’ themselves to museum glass in Egypt & are ‘removed’ by security – Fake handcuffed ala AOC Ready for the big show at COP 27 By Peter Murphy |November 7th, 2022| Cairo, Egypt The Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow team arrived in Egypt on the eve of the annual United Nations 27th climate change conference (“COP27”), a mass gabfest to be held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. The city is located at the southern tip […]

Sharm El Sheikh-DOWN: UN climate summit COP27 kicks off with deal to discuss ‘climate compensation’ – ‘Compensating poor nations for mounting damage linked to global warming’ Move to formally discuss issue followed late-night talks No reference to richer nations’ liability Poorer countries “rightly expect” solidarity – German govt SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt, Nov 6 (Reuters) – Delegates from nearly 200 countries kicked off the U.N. climate summit in Egypt on Sunday with an agreement to discuss compensating poor nations for mounting […]

Biden clearly states he is for ‘no more [oil] drilling” – Not content to kill coal while campaigning, Biden issues direct death threat to oil By BEEGE WELBORN This guy has to be considered a real asset to boost the party futures for a blow-out election, no? No. Even when some desperate soul brings him in in a futile attempt to salvage some tiny, positive shard from the coming conflagration, he royally steps in it, and then smears that […]

Mountain of bottles exposing Egypt’s recycling shame: Discarded plastic bottles swamp recycling center near UN summit Discarded bottles almost swamp the recycling centre near Sharm El Sheikh Egypt is ‘awash’ with plastic which blights towns and beaches across the country Some of the bottles feature the label of Coca-Cola, which is sponsoring Cop27    ==================== It’s the other side of COP27 which Rishi Sunak and his fellow global leaders are unlikely to […]

Morano slammed by Michael Mann & New Zealand media as ‘climate denialist & inactivist’ Your pre-COP climate denial inoculation Climate denialists and inactivists are as active as ever, experts and activists warn. David Williams reports By David Williams Excerpts: “Greta finally gets it!” a headline shrieked on the website Climate Depot, run by well-known denialists the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, or CFACT. (See what they did there?) […]

Fmr. NASA climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer Discovers 100% of Global Warming Models Over-Predict Global Warming By Jim Hoft This report comes from Dr. Roy Spencer and NoConsensus website. Dr. Roy Spencer a well-known climatologist and global doom skeptic (not a climate change skeptic to my knowledge) posted this article on October 20th. According to No Consensus there are two key points you should know.  First, Dr. Spencer was one of the main people involved in satellite […]