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Fmr. NASA climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer Discovers 100% of Global Warming Models Over-Predict Global Warming

By Jim Hoft

This report comes from Dr. Roy Spencer and NoConsensus website.

Dr. Roy Spencer a well-known climatologist and global doom skeptic (not a climate change skeptic to my knowledge) posted this article on October 20th.

According to No Consensus there are two key points you should know.  First, Dr. Spencer was one of the main people involved in satellite temperature measurement and is currently the team leader for the top/only satellite-based microwave global temperature radiometers used by NASA.

Dr. Spencer compared all of the climate models from the past 50 years and found that EVERY SINGLE MODEL over-predicted global warming.

The 36 models are those catalogued at the KNMI Climate Explorer website, using Tas (surface air temperature), one member per model, for the ssp245 radiative forcing scenario. (The website says there are 40 models, but I found that four of the models have double entries). The surface temperature observations come from NOAA/NCEI.

The official NOAA observations produce a 50-year summer temperature trend of +0.26 C/decade for the U.S., while the model trends range from +0.28 to +0.71 C/decade.

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