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Biden clearly states he is for ‘no more [oil] drilling” – Not content to kill coal while campaigning, Biden issues direct death threat to oil


This guy has to be considered a real asset to boost the party futures for a blow-out election, no? No. Even when some desperate soul brings him in in a futile attempt to salvage some tiny, positive shard from the coming conflagration, he royally steps in it, and then smears that all over his party.

It was only this past Friday when Biden announced the end of the coal industry as we – and West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc – know it

“We’re going to be shutting these plants down all across America and having wind and solar also providing tax credit to help families buy energy-efficient appliances.”

Karen covered the furious blowback here at HotAir, when the French Lady had to do some furious backpedaling/”The president was mis-interpreted” tapdancing trying calm down the outburst from coal country states and congressional leaders like Joe Manchin.

I’d say “fast forward,” but it was only two days later that Biden went off-leash and off-script again, with potentially devastating consequences for the candidates praying for votes from undecided or Election Day citizen voters. The same Americans chafing under gas prices which have never receded to the price they were when he took office (January 2021 – $2.37 gal), and which are already beginning to climb the ladder to stratospheric levels again, not to mention a looming catastrophic diesel and heating oil shortage just as winter arrives.

When a Lefty climate loon shrieks from the audience at a campaign event for the ever-popular, interim governor Kathy Hochul of New York? Biden has to answer, and OH, MAN. Is it ever the WRONG answer.


If you can’t follow his whispering/annoyed old man yelling…