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Watch: Morano on OAN TV goes full World Wrestling taunts against London climate debate duckers – ‘I’m coming to London…If you try to block me out – ‘I will be there at the door!’

Full OAN TV Video segment here: 

Morano’s Wrestling-style taunt to London debate organisers: 



Rough transcript: 
Morano: “This is like WWF wrestling style:
Morano screaming: ‘Now listen to this: I’m getting on a plane this weekend and I’m coming to London and I’m going to debate and if you try to block me out — I will be there at the door! You will not keep me out!’
Morano: All right. That’s a little out-of-control Wrestling Federation taunt there.
OAN TV host Addison Smith: I for one would not want to cross you on the debate stage Marc Morano.