Psyop: Hundreds of schools in The Netherlands introduce 10-12 y/o kids to mealworms & insects – Goal to bring about ‘behavioral changes through unprejudiced children’ # Great Food Reset: Watch: School kids munch on insects as cricket snacks introduced to 1000 schools to ‘help save the planet from global warming’ Kid’s manipulated with bug-eating PSYOP: ”Chips are great aren’t they, and these chips are even better, because I think they are better for you, did you know that? Yeah, […]

Listen: Morano on Fox News radio’s ‘Kitchen Table’ w/ Rachel Campos-Duffy & Sean Duffy podcast – Talk Big Tech Censorship, Overpopulation & Energy Poverty Climate Debate

On a NEW #FTKT @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy sit down with @ClimateDepot to discuss big tech censorship of climate change debates. — FOX News Radio (@foxnewsradio) October 13, 2022 Broadcast Oct 12, 2022 – Fox News Radio  On this episode, Rachel and Sean sit down with the Founder of, and author of, The Great Reset: Global […]

UN Big Shot: Ukraine War May Be A ‘Blessing’ by Jeff Dunetz | H/T Climate Depot The head of the United Nations weather agency, Petteri Taalas, believes. “From the five- to 10-year timescale, it’s clear that this war in Ukraine will speed up our consumption of fossil energy, and it’s speeding up this green transition.” “So we are going to invest much more in renewable energy, […]

Watch: Morano on OAN TV goes full World Wrestling taunts against London climate debate duckers – ‘I’m coming to London…If you try to block me out – ‘I will be there at the door!’

Full OAN TV Video segment here:  Morano’s Wrestling-style taunt to London debate organisers:          Rough transcript:  Morano: “This is like WWF wrestling style: Morano screaming: ‘Now listen to this: I’m getting on a plane this weekend and I’m coming to London and I’m going to debate and if you try to block […]