Watch: CSPAN’s Book-TV will feature Morano’s 1 Hour presentation about The Great Reset on October 16 @ 6pm EDT (Repeats Oct. 17)

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The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown


Flashback: Morano on CSPAN Book-TV on

Green Fraud: Why The Green New Deal is Even Worse Than You Think

Marc Morano, publisher of, argued that the science on climate change is not settled and legislation…


Collapse of energy, food, transportation systems prompt calls for government nationalization of industries – Echoes 1930s push for Great Reset style reforms

Great Reset By Marc Morano – Chapter 12 Excerpt: ‘COVID Lockdowns Morph to Climate Lockdowns’

Watch: Morano on Tucker Carlson on energy & food chaos: ‘This is a war against modern civilization’ – World Economic Forum & UN seek ‘controlling humans’

Watch: Morano talks new Great Reset book on Sebastian Gorka