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Watch: Morano on Fox News on the Great Food Reset: China & Bill Gates buying up U.S. farmland – Pushing fake meat & bugs – ‘Unfiltered w/ Dan Bongino’

Fox News Channel – Unfiltered with Dan Bongino – Broadcast August 6, 2022

Rough Transcript: 

Dan Bongino: Welcome back to “Unfiltered.” This is a story not a lot of people are talking about but we should be talking about it. The Dutch government is waging an all-out war on farmers forcing them to slash their livestock numbers by a third. Farmers are fighting back by dumping manure along the highways. There are concerns it could have a worldwide impact on the food supply.

Here to weigh in is the author of the upcoming book, The Great Reset. Marc Morano. Marc, thanks a lot for joining us. this is kind of a problem Marc, no farms, no food. I have a rule on this show, don’t get dead. Is what we are seeing in the Netherlands a sign of things to come if the climate activists get their way here in the U.S. and other places?

Marc Morano: Yes. It’s happening already. Sri Lanka’s entire government collapsed because they got rid of modern farming and went all organic. The president even bragged at the World Economic Forum, that he was going to make his country rich. And they pulled that article. Justin true Trudeau is implementing similar problems that we saw in the Netherlands. This is shutting down massive high-yield agriculture that has fed the world for decades. But they are turning the clock back and claiming a climate crisis where none exists and they are now going after our food supply. This will have devastating consequences because as the old Chinese proverb saying, ‘When food is on the table there are many problems. When there is no food, there is only one problem.’

Dan Bongino: Marc, no one knows more about the Great Reset than you, you literally wrote a book on it, we just showed the cover. But I would like to run something by you on a theory I have. This reset, the authoritarian crowd — when you cause chaos people will clamor for order. They are trying to push everybody into the city. One of the best ways to reset is to attack the food supply. No food on the table, you have got one big problem.

Marc Morano: That’s been their goal. First of all, you have the World Economic Forum which Bill Gates is a prominent member. He’s the single largest American farm owner. No one likes a monopoly. China is also gobbling up American farmland. So it’s a competition. China versus Bill Gates. Who do you want to win that battle? We know Bill Gates’ stated goal is to get us to stop eating meat and eat lab-grown vegetable oil-processed meat. And insects. They are all in on this. The more they get it. That’s why they go after the Netherlands. They are the number one meat exporter in Europe. Prince Charles wants to put facemasks on cows.

Dan Bogino: Marc, thanks for coming on. I really appreciate it.



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