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Listen: Morano explains how the Great Reset is being imposed on the world through economic chaos


Lee Elci Show – Voice of Freedom with Lee Elci  – USA Radio Network – Broadcast August 5, 2022

Rough Transcript:

Lee Elci: You’re listening to the USA Radio Network. This show is raw and unfiltered special guests joining us right now. Marc Morano. He’s got a new book out the Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown. Thanks a lot, Marc. I appreciate it very much.

Marc Morano: Thank you, Lee. Thanks for having me. Yeah, the book, I think is going to be an affirmation of what everyone’s experienced the last few years since March of 2020.

Lee Elci: So you know, I think a lot of people out there don’t understand if you could just explain it. I know we don’t have a lot of time but just really quickly explain the chaos that’s going on around the world, different parts of the world that we don’t get news about every single day. Marc shed some light on what people don’t see what’s behind that curtain.

Marc Morano: Well, the simplest way of explaining it is if you see what’s happened in the last two years whether it’s inflation supply chain issues, the endless lockdown the VAX mandates the mask mandates the complete disruption of our society The Stay At Home orders, the canceling of weddings and funerals. The curfews placed on restrictions on freedom of movement and now that’s extending into food restrictions. Farmers in the Netherlands are having their modern fertilizer cut back. Family-run generational-owned farms are going to go bankrupt under new NetZero World Economic Forum UN climate goals.

You have the country of Sri Lanka, whose president a few years ago boasted he’d make it one of the wealthiest in the world — it just was completely overthrown with their climate-inspired, organic mandatory-only farming experiment.

So, when there’s food on the table, there are many problems. When there’s no food on the table, there’s only one problem. That’s an old Chinese proverb. And that’s what we’re heading to now. And so all of this emanates from the World Economic Forum — the biggest proponent now is a World Economic Forum, who announced right after COVID tit that this was a rare narrow window of opportunity in which to reset the world.

And their motto quite literally was — and they did videos slickly produced videos, you will own nothing and you’ll be happy. Everything you want to be delivered by drone. You’ll have no privacy. Meat will be a rare and expensive treat. The US will no longer be a superpower. We will make a fighting climate our number one goal. These are all the tenants of the Great Reset.

They’re now collapsing our current modern agricultural system which feeds billions and does it spectacularly well. In favor of lab-grown meat pushing insect eating. And this vegetable processed meat, that’s why Bill Gates is America’s number one farmland owner according to NBC News. And Gates agenda is clear. He wants to push that kind of influence in agriculture. He wants to push his brand of fake meat, vegetable oil processed lab-grown ‘meat’ in quotes

Lee Elci: I just threw up in my mouth a little bit more, to be honest with you. So you know, people don’t realize that I know you make that point again. And we’ve talked about it here before about Bill Gates. Owning all that land. Bill Gates has also been front and center as far as reduction of the population around the globe. Is that part of this too?

Marc Morano: Yeah, population control is a huge part of it. They’re actually saying that. I’ve interviewed the German climate advisor Hans Schellnhuber at a United Nations Climate Summit, and I’m going in the next UN summit in Egypt. But what they tell you is the carrying capacity of the Earth is only 1 billion people. In other words, more than 1 billion people and the earth is not sustainable. And of course, we have 7.8 billion at last count right now.

So ultimately, they want to come up with this sort of like the movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner: ‘If you build it, they will come,’ that was the motto of the movie. Well, this is sort of the reverse of that movie. ‘If you force it, they will disappear.’ So they want to redo the world. To a new infrastructure that can only support about a billion people if we go all organic if we get rid of modern agricultural practices. If we shut down modern air travel, if we make inflation and supply chain and we strip away private property and energy usage.

The World Economic Forum is now talking about eliminating private car ownership. You’re gonna end up with fewer people on the earth because people who don’t thrive, people who aren’t wealthy and vibrant aren’t going to survive. So the idea is they want to build a sustainable world, the population will just eventually fade away.  And lockdowns are the greatest example that what they are seeking. Lockdowns kill far more than any virus did or could have killed. They killed in terms of economic pain, lack of health care, deferred medical treatment, drug addiction, mental health issues, children learning —  I mean, just the whole spectrum of things.

But in their minds — Jane Fonda, climate activist-Hollywood actress, actually said COVID was ‘God’s gift to the left’ because it gave them those emergency powers of bureaucracy. They didn’t have to go to a legislator, a democracy, a parliament, or a House of Representatives anymore. They could just go straight through the unelected bureaucrats making decisions that affect your everyday life. This has been their dream for decades.

Lee Elci: Marc Great stuff. I know you got to run. Marc Morano again, the Great Reset is the book Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown.  where do they get it?

Marc Morano: You can get it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble. Wherever fine books are sold.

Lee Elci: Alright, my friend. Thank you for giving us a few minutes. I appreciate it. You’re listening to the USA Radio Network.


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