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Great Food Reset: Watch: School kids munch on insects as cricket snacks introduced to 1000 schools to ‘help save the planet from global warming’


Kids are now munching on chips laced with eco-friendly cricket protein made by Circle Harvest.

Kids cricket chips taste test
September 08, 2022 – NewsDNARaw

Snacks containing bugs have been introduced to 1000 school canteens across the nation by a Western Sydney company that says its products can help save the planet from global warming.


Via Swedish Journalist :

The Daily Telegraph interviewed school children eating these cricket chips, and when they asked the children if they knew it was made from insects, they didn’t know. This is how they do it. They cannot get adults to eat this stuff, so instead they just offer it to kids as tasty snacks and they go ahead and eat it without even knowing what it is.

”Chips are great aren’t they, and these chips are even better, because I think they are better for you, did you know that? Yeah, that way you know, mum and dad might let you have more chips. Good stuff” the interviewer said.

But this isn’t only in Australia.

Children at four primary schools aged 5 to 11 in Wales were offered insects to eat as part of a project to see how children’s appetites are for ”alternative protein” like crickets and mealworms (in case you don’t know, mealworms is bird feed).

But not only that, by feeding children insects, they hope that they can persuade parents to follow as well…

”Many children have the power of pester, so in some cases can be great agents of dietary change within the family” said Verity Jones from the University of the West of England in Bristol and is involved in the study.

So there you have it. They want to use children, brainwash them into thinking eating bugs as a good thing, and then get them to convince their parents to eat the bugs as well.

The thing is, it is not only happening in one country. As we saw, they are doing this in Australia, and on the other side of the world in Britain. This is a coordinated effort to push for eating bugs.

Imagine telling someone 10 years ago that they would be feeding your children insects at school. You would be called a crazy conspiracy theorist. Now they are doing it.

And guess what. It would not surprise me if they start slipping insects in junk food and most people won’t even realize. Just cover the taste up with some artificial flavor and you are good to go!

It is so good for the environment they say, with mealworms (bird feed) only producing 1% of greenhouse gases compared with cows. What a deal, just eat bird food to stop climate change! …

One city in the Netherlands is even talking about a proposal to ban advertisement of meat.

The plan is simple, they want you to eat the bugs, while the rich will continue to dine on the finest meat. They want you to give up all your comforts to stop climate change, but they themselves will fly in private jets.

And it all starts with brainwashing the children into eating bugs.

Why are they trying so hard to get us to eat bird food?


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