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Watch: Morano on Jesse Watters Primetime on Fox News: Gore is ‘absurd’ to compare ‘climate deniers’ to do nothing Uvalde cops – There has been a ‘99% drop in climate-related deaths’

Watch: Jesse Watter’s Opening Monologue on Al Gore: 



Jesse Watters: Marc Morano is the publisher of Climate Depot and author of the Green Fraud. So Marc, you heard this same gore song and dance before you heard hear it about every 5-to-10 years when he has a new investment fund and documentary. Has anything changed?

Marc Morano: No. Nothing has changed for Al Gore’s world. Unfortunately, he has been replaced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Greta Thunberg (& AOC) and now he has been replaced by random activists stopping cars on the highways in major cities trying to get Biden to declare a climate emergency.

Gore is trying desperately to say something provocative to make himself relevant which is how he came up with the Uvalde school shooting analogy which is absurd. Due to fossil fuels, due to our energy that Gore has been fighting for decades, there has been a 99% drop in climate-related deaths since 1920. It is a success story and mostly credited to fossil fuels which fuel development, which fuel economic growth, which fuels safety from extreme weather events. So Gore has it wrong. The people blocking him (the ‘climate deniers’) are the ones saving lives.

Jesse Watters: If we had listened to all these Gore predictions, people wouldn’t have air conditioning couldn’t heat homes in winter time he would actually be killing people, wouldn’t he?

Marc Morano: There is a war on air conditioning. There is a war on, gasoline power there is a war on your thermostat, they want to have governments with smart meters. They have done everything. The debate has changed though. Gore actually did talk about sea level and temperature. Now we have NASA scientists claiming White supremacists are causing global warming. Professors at Rhode Island saying the data is racist and you can’t trust data anymore. Science has been turned on its head. If you go back and look at Gore’s first film it’s kind of quaint considering how crazy the climate movement. We have reached peak climate insanity.

When you have Sen. Joe Manchin vote against a pork barrel spending bill last week or say he wouldn’t support it, you have climate activists like Bill McKibben, Gore’s friend, claim a no vote will create a new geologic era in the earth named after Manchin. Voting ‘No’ on a a pork barrel bill will alter the geologic history of the Earth. This is  Madness Jesse, it’s madness. And Gore is responsible for birthing this madness.

Jesse Watters: Gore he has gotten rich. $300 million man now? How does he make all this money?

Marc Morano: >> It’s amazing. When Gore left the vice presidency in 2001, it was estimated by Fast Company magazine he was worth about 1 or $2 million. Fast forward, about a decade, and he is worth at least 100 million and then he went on a quest to be the world’s first carbon billionaire. How? He had a Powerpoint that was reported on in the “the Washington Post” and other major publications that listed all the companies you should be investing in. Guess what? When Obama became president and did his big green stimulus, Al Gore was funded lavishly by federal dollars, and as you mentioned he sold al Jazeera. That wasn’t enough. He went on a quest to be the world’s first fake meat billionaire. They are shutting down modern farming in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands and replacing it with lab-grown meat. Guess who the pioneers pushing it are? Bill  Gates and of course Al Gore is standing to profit hugely off of our lack of lab grown meat, profiting off the fake meat business now.

Jesse Watters: I don’t think fake meat looks very good for you because al is not looking very trim to be generous. Marc, thank you so much for your analysis.

Marc Morano: Thank you, Jesse. Appreciate it.


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