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Trudeau moving ahead on fertilizer reduction despite warnings from ministers, groups By Roberto Wakerell-CruzSeveral provincial agriculture ministers are expressing their displeasure with the Trudeau Liberals’ plans to reduce fertilizer use by Canadian farmers in an effort to curb emissions. After a meeting between federal and provincial ministers, several provinces are saying that they’re disappointed. “Provinces were disappointed by the lack of flexibility and consultation regarding […]

Six House staffers arrested after climate sit-in at Chuck Schumer’s office demanding ‘action on climate change’ By Snejana Farberov Six congressional staffers were arrested on Capitol Hill on Monday after staging a sit-in at the office of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, demanding legislative action on climate change. Saul Levin, a policy adviser to progressive Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), told an NBC News reporter that he and his colleagues wanted […]

‘Greenhouse Gas Effect Does Not Exist,’ a Swiss Physicist Challenges Global Warming Climate Orthodoxy

Special to Climate Depot By Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. Thomas Allmendinger, an independent Swiss physicist, has conducted a series of experiments published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that call into question the physical principles of the greenhouse gas theory.  Thomas Allmendinger, an independent scholar educated at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, has dared to […]

BURNT: NYT Editorial Board Uses Charred Toast to Depict Climate Doom By Jeffrey Clark The New York Times Editorial Board used an illustration of charred and blackened toast to argue — what else? — that climate change could toast the planet. “The threat posed by climate change to Americans’ lives and livelihoods is urgent and severe,” the NYT Editorial Board warned in a July 23 opinion […]

Watch: Morano on Jesse Watters Primetime on Fox News: Gore is ‘absurd’ to compare ‘climate deniers’ to do nothing Uvalde cops – There has been a ‘99% drop in climate-related deaths’

Watch: Jesse Watter’s Opening Monologue on Al Gore:    RUSH TRANSCRIPT: Jesse Watters: Marc Morano is the publisher of Climate Depot and author of the Green Fraud. So Marc, you heard this same gore song and dance before you heard hear it about every 5-to-10 years when he has a new investment fund and documentary. Has […]